CP Around The Clock: Success

Hello, everyone!

CP Around The Clock kicked off at 12:00pm (PST), on server Marshmallow, and it ended 24 hours later. This 24 hour party was outstanding! That’s right; 24 hours – straight! Who knew this was possible?

In the Summer of 2016, Daisydoo14 created CP Around The Clock for the fun of it. Also, considering it was the Summer, she acknowledged that more people would be free to take part in this event. For its first debut, the event was successful! A lot of people found it fun, which is the main objective of this event. However, 24 hours of Club Penguin is as difficult as it sounds; not every hour was fully occupied.

To celebrate New Year’s of 2017, Daisy decided bring back CPATC. It was at this one, I became more interested. I managed to reserve and hour and everyone was pumped for it. Unfortunately, this particular event didn’t go far.

Bots. And a lot of them.

Someone wanted to ruin the fun, so they deployed several bot penguins across the party – and they were almost unstoppable. I never got to host my hour because of these bots. It was so cruel of them to do this because CPATC is not your ordinary event. It takes a lot of time to prepare it. It is such a shame that one penguin can just ruin that within a matter of seconds.

So, CPATC was officially cancelled during its run.

Daisy was devastated. So was I. I tried my best to keep it going but everyone was tired of the bots. We ended up giving in which made the bots the new worst enemy to our community.

A month later, I proposed an idea to Daisy. During January, I created the So Long CP project. I was determined to revive CPATC from its plunge and I wanted to make it successful again. Daisy and I negotiated and, before long, the event was placed into my flippers. At the time, I was very excited, but the fear of bots never escaped my mind. Daisy warned me about the stress this caused her; I started to feel a bit nervous. On the other hand, I was very determined and I believed that incorporating this event into the So Long CP project would make it even better!

Two months later, CP Around The Clock made its third debut. And it blew me away.

The stress of finding just as many people as last time was higher than I anticipated and there was a lot of drama involved before the event kicked off. I took on board that every host during this event had to be someone I could trust and rely on. For CPATC to be successful, it needs dedication from the community. It costed a few friendships of mine to find the dream team for this event, and it paid off -luckily!

Normally, a party on Club Penguin has its highlights. This one was a bit more of a party so it has many more. Before writing this post, I made the decision not to write a summary of the hours I attended because it would bore you all and it would make this post way too long. Funnily enough, I was able to attend 15 out of the 24 hours! Fortunately, I have some recorded footage of the event and an incredible amount of pictures to share with you. I think this would be a better way to embrace the memories rather than reading hundreds of words about it.


Anyway, it’s fair to say that the Club Penguin community made history yesterday. This whole event proved how amazing our community is and every second of it was worth it. When it got to the end of the final hour, the relief and happiness was unreal. Everyone was booming with joy and it was just one of those rare, magical and emotional moments which made me feel honoured. The amount of support, during the final hour, was tremendous! To say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

However, it’s not just the history that counts. Daisy created this event for the fun of it. I can 100% verify that this event was a huge amount of fun to organise and be a part of. I miss this event so much because I was able to bond with so many friends and the continuous support from the Club Penguin team lightened the party, immensely.

Furthermore, there were no bots – whatsoever! This is all thanks to the moderators (such as Muddy Ducky) who frequently attended the event to protect it from bots. A massive thank you to Club Penguin support who was informed about this party and decided to share it with everyone. And, of course, a big thank you to Megg who was dedicated and committed enough to stay up past midnight to host an hour during CPATC. Seriously, you do not get Community Managers as awesome as this one. That’s why Club Penguin is so special.

Now, this event is all about having fun in the community. So, thank you to everyone who came along (even if it was for a couple of minutes) because you all kept the party going! It was so lovely to see the great amount of penguins who came along. Thank you to all of the hosts! You were all so creative; each hour had its own twist! Without the hosts, this event would not have been possible. I am going to mention you all!

Nina1059, Rosebudee, Crunchinator, Madzom8ie, Daisydoo14, Flipppyfelix, Mikou, Jdan1001, Littlee37, Edek2012, Crzypengu, Megg, Starjump19, Mike90215Pengin 112, Pingu15cool, Pompom49450, Ryanec1, Michael56292, Chilly573, Bluey656, Othi4, Jose81618 and Flip Flap 15!

I would like to especially thank Daisydoo14 for being really helpful and supportive, even though she was not meant to be. If you want, you can check out Daisy’s Twitch stream of the final hour. It features a nervous Blue21102!

To finish off, I would like to say how much this event meant to me. I will never forget CPATC (or So Long CP). This event was – by far – the most successful community event I have ever organised. It’s been stressing me out for two months, but you all made it so worth it and I am deeply honoured by all of the positive comments it has received. This community rocks!

Now, I have a tonne of pictures to share with you all. These were taken throughout several of the hours I was able to attend. I hope you will enjoy looking at them and reflecting on the memories.

I have some recorded footage from a few of the hours. Unfortunately, the recording of Megg’s hour was interrupted due to my computer crashing and I was unable to recover it. I am currently working on a video to share these recordings, so stay tuned!

Thank you very much for reading and if you came along to this legendary event, I appreciate it very much!

Waddle On!




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