Lighthouse Investigation

Hello, everyone!

Today, I want to explore the Lighthouse on Club Penguin Island. At the moment, the Lighthouse is inactive. Unlike Club Penguin, you cannot enter the Lighthouse (at least, not yet). I think that penguins will be able to enter the Lighthouse at some point during the game – whether it is unlocked through a mascot adventure, or opened up during an update.

It’s not as if the Lighthouse has no relevance; the first few Aunt Arctic adventures involve thawing the ice on the beacon and replacing the light bulb. Also, penguins can hop up on top of the Lighthouse with the springboard. I guess you could call it one of the game’s iconic set pieces. However, I believe that there is another reason as to why the Lighthouse has returned on Club Penguin Island, and why it seems to be closed.

Have you noticed the boards?

If you have seen the Lighthouse enough times, you will – instantly – know what I mean. The door to the Lighthouse is boarded up. This could be for several reasons. In fact, this whole post is going to be an investigation about the boards on the Lighthouse. It’s quite a random topic but there are some potential theories behind it.

Firstly, the boards indicate that penguins will be able to enter the Lighthouse in the future. If you don’t know what I mean, think of it this way…

If the door didn’t have boards on it, you would assume that you would be able to enter the Lighthouse. If there were no boards on the door, penguins would approach the Lighthouse and attempt to enter it. Since it is locked, it would make us think that this building is just there for decoration; the door has no use. Hopefully, that will not be the case. Anyway, the boards hint that we will be able to enter the Lighthouse since it prevents penguins from entering it. It makes a lot of sense. With the absence of the boards, penguins would naturally think “oh, they opened it up now” and it should be open for access.

Secondly, the boards follow a pattern. At the moment, Club Penguin Island is in beta and there are only 3 main rooms for penguins to explore. These are the Beacon Boardwalk, Coconut Cove and the Sea Caves. In the future, there will be more rooms to explore. There are actually two dead ends leading on from the boardwalk. How do we know that they will lead to new areas? Well, they both have a construction sign next to it, along with a jackhammer. Construction relates to new areas because it involves building and expanding the island. The boards link to this because construction workers use boards when they work. Except, in this case, the boards tend to be “condemning” the Lighthouse. On the other hand, island mechanics could be reconstructing the inside of the Lighthouse which gives the boards a reason as to why they are there.

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Island Discussion #20: Not Quite

Hey everyone!

First of all, I apologise for not being very on the ball lately. You know blogging means a lot to me so I try my best to keep my Blog fresh. However it can be very difficult to find time to throw a post in now and then but as you may know, already, my posts are not the most frequent because I care more about what I post than time. On a happier note, you may have noticed that this is my 20th Island Discussion! Thank you for supporting these posts and I hope you have found them intriguing and unique.

Now, onto today’s topic!

I, as well as many other penguins, am very excited about this year’s 10th Anniversary. The celebration is amazing and all of that time waiting for a stronger party paid off for sure! The 10th Anniversary Party is very different compared to all the other parties; it’s more like a trip down Waddle Lane! Now, I didn’t join Club Penguin until 2008 so I know all of the latest ones but it is so cool to finally relive the past and feel like a younger penguin – like I was, over 7 years ago! It is an amazing experience where a variety of mascots turn up as well. And the party introduces us to the Mascbots!

The Mascbots were created by Gary (of course) and they are designed to feed penguins about the island’s past! They look awesome but something about them is not quite so right. Read this newspaper article and you will see…

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Island Discussion #18: Herbert Theory

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to a new Island Discussion this week. Today’s discussion will explore a background to Herbert P. Bear before he even arrived at Club Penguin. Every villain has a story and a reason. We found out why Tusk (Master of Snow) became enemies with Sensei and the Card Jitsu Saga helped us to re-live the story of their upbringing together. Ultimate Protobot 10K is another villain with intentions to assist Gary the Gadget Guy in his future inventions however surprisingly became one of Club Penguin’s dangerous villains after a malfunction in his creation.

Herbert does have a story that exists on this island only but we never seemed to grasp on to why Herbert has become a spiteful Polar Bear who wants to live in a Summer Paradise. I was thinking that maybe something happened to him before he was stranded on an iceberg. Maybe his family or friends caused betrayal and that lead him on a journey on his own.

You could always tell that Herbert was an isolated bear. Throughout the PSA missions, there was always a sense of doubt and the way he treats Klutzy in a controlling way hints that this could be as a result of his former life. People say that your actions can be influenced from others stronger than you and with more power however the power of that person prevents you from striking back. In other words, it is a bit like bullying except Herbert could have lived a life where his parents weren’t especially pleasant with him. It is a classic form of revenge and wanting to finally be the most powerful person you can ever be.

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Club Penguin Documentary: ‘The Sasquatch Theory’

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that I have recreated ‘The Sasquatch Theory’ from a visual perspective! It took me hours and hours to put this together and I hope it was worth it! If some you don’t know, ‘The Sasquatch Theory’ is a theory that I produced in an Island Discussion and it explores the character and significance of ?????? (Sasquatch). I made it into a 20 minute documentary to make it clearer and to grab your attention. I would appreciate it if you watched it and commented your thoughts on it!

Here it is, below!

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments section!

Thank you for watching!


Island Discussion #12: The Sasquatch Theory

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Island Discussion #12! Today I have decided to round up all the theories on Sasquatch into one final interpretation of his character. Who is Sasquatch? Why is he here? How long has he been here? Hopefully I can answer that for you as well as link you to my former Island Discussions on Sasquatch below!

Island Discussion #11

Island Discussion #8

Island Discussion #3

Each one of these articles really dig deep – especially the #11 one! Anyway, below I am going to share my theory with you guys after having a good look at all the evidence! Please enjoy it and prepare to be blown away!

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