The Confused Community

Hello everyone!

Today, I am making this very important post. If you are not yet aware, our community is now filled with hate, jealousy and fear. For months now, all of these feelings have been boiling to the brim and it has destroyed quite a lot of our community.

You know, I thought that the Club Penguin community was always a treasure to value. Almost 8 years ago, when I first joined Club Penguin, I remember how dazzled I was by everyone’s commitment to the game. These were golden days for sure. But it is not just the parties that make Club Penguin feel good, it is mainly the community. After all, we are the ones that live the parties and enjoy them. Without us, Club Penguin will not be here today.

Age is one of those things that gingerly takes things away from us without a choice. Club Penguin is over 10 years old which is a sincere achievement to look up to. Naturally, Club Penguin should be heading towards its exit but our community is becoming a catalyst, encouraging this process and making it quicker. What has happened to us?

In this post, I do not want to name anyone because that will just make everything a whole lot worse. But I know a lot of you who need to read this. I am talking to my friends, my enemies and my acquaintances. To all of the fire-starters and the penguins who miss the glory days. To the penguins who want our community fixed and to those who want it destroyed. Please, read what I have to say at this time of so much anger and hate.

We are one big community. Right now, we are confused. Big communities make things look good but they require a lot of maintenance. I guess it is another one of those times where we have mistakably tangled ourselves in a knot. Compelling ideas and thoughts sit right next to and bite each other. Before we go on and tighten the knot, we need to relax and gradually weave our way out of it. The ingredients that feed this knot are the ones I mentioned earlier. Anger. Hate. Jealousy. Greed. Fear. There is too many of them to mention but hopefully I have outlined the main ones. We need to get rid of these as soon as we can otherwise we will end up with a bomb that will eventually explode. Come on! We have put up with this game for 10 years and now we want our hard work and dedication to crumble away? We have even struggled through 2 or 3 years of a dying game that will soon be reborn, and just before we even manage to make it to the next stop, you are seriously considering that we just destroy all of that as well?


We have worked too hard.

I know a lot of you are so caught up in a variety of cold wars between people. Some of these wars have scarred you and you may never forgive what they have done to you. So why don’t you back out – now – and heal for a bit? Stop provoking the war and causing drama just to make yourselves feel better inside. You know that just makes you an enemy like the rest of them which is why I have come to an awfully tough situation where I have no idea who I can trust anymore. My friends are repelling magnets who are attracting me to their own sides but I will not be pushed anymore. I need to be stern but if only you were all aware that what I am doing is for the better future for everyone.

And for those who are reading this and thinking the same thing as I am, I respect your thoughts so I ask you to join me and become a peacekeeper. We need to teach people what the word “peace” means again because too many people have forgotten it. Peace has resolved – pretty much – all issues revolving around war in real life. Therefore I am – pretty much – certain that this will fix our community again. I invite as many penguins as possible to help me mend the community. But we must have a pledge.

Peacekeepers only want peace. This means that no one should be siding with anyone. Instead we need to see both sides and encourage everyone to make up. Those who refuse our medicine need to be left alone since we can only make them angrier. Those who feel mended by our work may want to join us so we can only try to welcome them to our operation. There is one more important pledge. A lot of you may feel that you will lose friends when you try to bring peace. I am afraid to say that this will only be natural and hopefully, in the future, they will realize how silly this war had become and maybe you will find them again. I know, myself, that I will have to sacrifice my trust in some of my friends to help bring peace between them and their enemies. Are you willing to do the same?

Our mission starts now. Thank you.

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10 thoughts on “The Confused Community

  1. I agree, every word. Its all so true. Is the Twitter community that bad off? It really is ALL of the “community.” While I’m on this break, I think “Man, I miss you guys. I want to go back to Twitter.” But, it sounds bad out there. Even though I’m on this break, I support peace in my heart. Do you have any suggestions on how I can help? Good luck!

    • Thank you Nina! The fact that you support peace in your heart helps us (peacekeepers) a lot so you don’t have to worry about anything. I really appreciate the support and your positive attitude. Enjoy your break and when you come back I hope we would have already resolved the community.

      Waddle On! ✌

  2. I agree with you…a lot. I first joined Twitter on 2014 and the community was a lot nicer and filled with encouragement. People supported and respected each other until a few users started causing a lot drama which decreased the community’s reputation. If everyone doesn’t want hate and jealousy to spread, then they should stop bringing them to the community starting now. That way, the community will be a better place. Hopefully that the drama will start to decrease in the future.

    • It’s the friendly support from the community which encouraged me to join Twitter in 2014. These days, there seems to be too much competition. Blogs, YouTube videos and art have been shared around the Twitter community since the beginning and people have always supported them. However, today, there is a lot more jealousy; people fight to be the best in whatever they do and something that may have encouraged this is the awards and the race to post about a Club Penguin update first.

      It’s a shame… Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ping!

      Waddle On!

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