Club Penguin: My Top 10 Memories

Hello, everyone!

I was suggested, by Riyita, to make a post that highlights my, personal, top 10 most memorable moments on Club Penguin. I don’t think that I have ever made a post like this so I think making this post is ideal!

If you didn’t know already, I joined Club Penguin in September 2008 which is almost 8 years ago from today. Therefore, every memory I post occurred ever since then. Also, I will be working through this top ten in chronological order. All of my most memorable moments are as memorable as each other so I found it difficult to rank them all. Anyway, let’s begin the top 10!

10. My First Day

How can I ever forget my first day in Club Penguin? It was too exciting to forget! I remember logging on for the first time to find myself lost in the Town. There were so many people online and I am not exaggerating. It took about half a minute before I could locate where I was in the room which overwhelmed me a lot. I knew that Club Penguin was a popular game because I was influenced by many people around me. Club Penguin was a trending game when I was younger and I only felt that it was right to create an account so that I can explore a snowy island of wonder. I remember spamming the friend button so that I could get as many friends as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t screenshot at all when I was a young Club Penguin player, so all I can use is this image. It reflects the popularity of Club Penguin when I first joined in 2008.

Crowded Old Town

9. Earning my Black Belt

Now I skip forward to February 2009. It was around this time when I discovered the Dojo and the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. I think I took a small hiatus before then which explains why I was surprised to see the Dojo on the map. All I can say about this memory is that I was so determined. When I played Card-Jitsu with some fellow members of the community, I became instantly addicted and I remember logging back onto Club Penguin more than once a day, every day, every week in order to claim the “legendary” black belt. At the time, it was so treasured because if you had the black belt, you had the power. Can you remember all of the frustrating times when you were a wannabe ninja who always used to challenge Sensei in hope of a win? Only the black belt granted you that win; that being the ninja mask.  Continue reading


Club Herbert Update!

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Top Secret Slogan

Good day agents!

It seems that Club Herbert has now been updated once again. This will help us get on with Operation: Find Herbert since we now know some extra details. Below is the visual report on

Club Penguin Club Herbert Update 30.06.15

As you can see, Herbert P. Bear may now have finished his visit around Penguins on the island since it has been marked off on his new checklist. For some peculiar reason, Herbert has decided to frame a picture of his visits around the island. Specifically – the Mine Shack, Forest, Puffle Lodge and somewhere I have not yet been able to identify. I would like to see if you can make a link with any of these images since it may be significant to what Herbert may be planning right now.

If it helps, it was reported back to me that Herbert left his visits at the Puffle Wilds so this implies that he is based somewhere in the Wilderness of Club Penguins. The mountains are still possible as an option however it seems as if Herbert has returned to his usual cave somewhere in the Wilderness as we can tell from the walls and the same old door with the…crab flap?

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Island Discussion #12: The Sasquatch Theory

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Island Discussion #12! Today I have decided to round up all the theories on Sasquatch into one final interpretation of his character. Who is Sasquatch? Why is he here? How long has he been here? Hopefully I can answer that for you as well as link you to my former Island Discussions on Sasquatch below!

Island Discussion #11

Island Discussion #8

Island Discussion #3

Each one of these articles really dig deep – especially the #11 one! Anyway, below I am going to share my theory with you guys after having a good look at all the evidence! Please enjoy it and prepare to be blown away!

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Island Discussion #7: The Wilderness

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another edition of Island Discussion! Today I will be trying to unravel some mysteries about the strange island of Club Penguin. We, penguins, know a lot about Club Penguin history and how the island has evolved but some history has been left blank as we (yearly) approach various mysteries. The mystery I am going to discuss about today is the Wilderness…

Sure, we have explored the Wilderness in several events/parties/missions but there seems to be more of it that we do not know about. For example, who can explain this?

River_Cave_IconThis structure was first sighted in Operation: Puffle. According to the map, it is called the River Cave and it certainly does not look natural. It was not really BIG at the time since the main focus of the party was to save the Puffles. I was intrigued by it for a while and over the months (since then) a few other people were too. It was mainly because of this leaked image.


It does look quite foggy but that is the purpose of it. It was a file called the “Fog Forest” and it was accidentally reached on March 13th 2014 via a link. There are two things that stood out for me in this image and one of them is the lake in the bottom right hand corner. Does it not look very similar to the one located on the map? Also you can faintly see a penguin with a giant Puffle in the background. The penguin seems to be holding something but the “giant Puffle” is a bit more familiar. It looks just like the River Cave that was in Operation: Puffle! A lot of people also thought this and due to a recent video, we must be correct!

The following clip was posted on the Club Penguin Blog shortly before the Halloween Party started. It was hinted that it had something to do with Puffle Wild (an unreleased iOS app for Apple devices). To me, the video did not seem to advertise the app as such but more on some little details. You can view the video via the link:

 It is very interesting to watch. Especially the style of the video seemed to make it stand out more and this unusual attempt is very intriguing. Megg described it had something to do with “the eyes of a great explorer”. Does this hint more about the mysterious Wilderness? Also the way it was presented made it look more sacred and personal since it was from a particular explorer’s view. Maybe this explorer is someone we do not know or someone we do know. Could it be a new mascot? My other theory is that it could be something to do with ?????? since this being has been casually lurking around the island…

Moving on, I have been able to relate a particular stage – in the video – with the Fog Forest image. The only difference is, is that it has been slightly modified and coloured! I wonder if you spotted this too…

Puffle Wild Misty

As you can see, the so-called penguin turns out to be a statue holding (what could be) a Puffle? Also the River Cave is a different colour to the one in Operation: Puffle. This could be something to do with the lighting of the party, since it was dark. Or the cave itself could have been re-done since. Overall the image can relate to the Fog Forest as it clearly shows the penguin and the “giant Puffle”.

That is one element of the strange Wilderness. It is still unknown whether this is new or old but judging by the style of the video, it could show that this was observations from an earlier date. This could also explain the colour of the River Cave as it could have tarnished since then. Also the setting looks bright and beautiful whereas it looks dull and glum in the Fog Forest image. Maybe something bad could have happened at the time, making it a wreckage of what the Wilderness did look like. Furthermore this statue was not seen in Operation: Puffle which hints that this statue is new. It could be old and could have deteriorated over time however the Fog Forest image does not support that theory.

Throughout the video there are still sketches of the Wilderness but none of them link to any other evidence we have collected so far. Most of the video shows the explorer questioning a lot of the scenery. I can guess that the modifications to it has got to have something to do with the new Puffles that can be unlocked in the new Puffle Wild app. I think they might have some super powers. At some point in the video it showed us a frozen state of a water falls which could be because of one of the new Puffle’s ability to freeze things. In some advertisements shown about the app, you can see some oddly shaped o berries which could signify a different effect on each one. What I wonder is if Puffle Wild will be connected to the online version of Club Penguin. The fact that new Puffles can be adopted on the app, means that you can care for them online too but it seems a bit too vague if there was not a party on this either. I wonder if November will be the month for this. Since Puffle Wild is said to release its beta soon, could mean that it could tie in with a party too. I don’t know.

That is all for today! Since it is an Island Discussion, I would really appreciate it if you can discuss with each other in the comments section and maybe some of you may have stronger evidence than me. Feel free to share any ideas on this topic and share this with your buddies.

Thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for some updates on this posts and future Island Discussions.