New Year, New Plans

UPDATE (01/01/2016 – 14:37)

If you have not read what is below then I suggest you read it before reading this. Actually, I have decided not to discontinue my posts. Even though Club Penguin is slipping out of my flippers, I am not letting go yet! I have amazing friends in the community who deserve to be entertained by my posts and I think that giving up now will start my new year sadly. I want to start fresh. So, now The Blue Blog will be back on track. Expect more posts soon!

Happy new year everyone!



Hello everyone!

Happy new year and welcome to 2016 from ‘The Blue Blog’! I hope you all had a fantastic 2015 and I am hoping that you are all pumped up for another amazing year right ahead of us. Club Penguin is going to have a spectacular year since Project: Super Secret is going to open up a lot more fun for the community. We still don’t know – exactly – what it could be but we have some ideas…

Project: Super Secret could be a transformation from a virtual world into a bigger world in the 3rd dimension! We have seen a few sneak peeks such as the new dynamic emotes that penguins can use to express themselves physically. That seems cool! There is also a new, rendered Migrator for Rockhopper…in 3D! Also we have seen a version of (what seems to be) Club Penguin island…in 3D! The new clothing customiser looks amazing; as well as the new welcome area that will eventually be “introduced” to the island.

This project is big and very ambitious. 2016 is going to blast all of us away! After 10 terrific years of Club Penguin, it is finally time to step up the game with new technology and enhancements that will make our experience even better. What could this project be?

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Island Discussion #17: Dot-Two-Dot

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to yet another Island Discussion. Today I will be talking about something quite surprising and exciting. If you have stuck with my Blog for a while now, you may remember my 9th Island Discussion. It was called ‘Dot-To-Dot’ (pun intended on the title of this post) and it was basically a vague theory of my thoughts on Dot the Disguise Gal. I remember discussing the statement: ‘What if Dot the Disguise Gal was evil?’. There was practically no evidence to support a theory off the top of my head however I have recently been able to stumble across some interesting clues to make you realise that my old theory may be something crucial.

My former Island Discussion, on Dot, explored how Dot may be not what we interpret her as. In other words, I was wondering whether Dot the Disguise Gal is evil or not and what made me think of this was only because she is a Disguise Gal. I thought that maybe being an EPF agent could be one her many disguises since her skill in stealth gives her an advantage to disguise as a villain. Furthermore her first appearance with agents on the PC coincided with Herbert’s popcorn explosion at the PSA Headquarters. I was questioning the significance of her character as she helped to unveil the EPF and came up with other ideas such as Herbert sending her as a duplicitous agent to assist him in the mission on blowing up the HQ. A lot of my theories were speculations and not approved by any evidence at all but if you are interested in what I came up with, head here!

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Club Herbert Update!

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Top Secret Slogan

Good day agents!

It seems that Club Herbert has now been updated once again. This will help us get on with Operation: Find Herbert since we now know some extra details. Below is the visual report on

Club Penguin Club Herbert Update 30.06.15

As you can see, Herbert P. Bear may now have finished his visit around Penguins on the island since it has been marked off on his new checklist. For some peculiar reason, Herbert has decided to frame a picture of his visits around the island. Specifically – the Mine Shack, Forest, Puffle Lodge and somewhere I have not yet been able to identify. I would like to see if you can make a link with any of these images since it may be significant to what Herbert may be planning right now.

If it helps, it was reported back to me that Herbert left his visits at the Puffle Wilds so this implies that he is based somewhere in the Wilderness of Club Penguins. The mountains are still possible as an option however it seems as if Herbert has returned to his usual cave somewhere in the Wilderness as we can tell from the walls and the same old door with the…crab flap?

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Operation: Find Herbert

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Top Secret Slogan


This is EPF agent Blue21102 reporting from the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. On behalf of the alliance, I would like to introduce every one of you agents to a top secret operation. Hopefully you have gained some skills from Spy Drills and the PSA Mission Training Program because what I am going to brief to you is some tough business and is required some sensibility and concentration.

Our mission is to track down Herbert P. Bear Esquire. This polar bear has made some unfortunate history on this island and his biggest heist was blowing up the PSA Headquarters with…Popcorn. Stay sharp agents! The evolution of the EPF began after the disbandment of the PSA and we can not fail our mission again! The EPF was created for skilful agents who have what it takes to eliminate any threats that invade this island and one of them is Herbert. Now, all of you should be capable of understanding what I am going to say next.

This top secret operation is called ‘Find Herbert’ and it may sound pretty simple but you have got to do even more than just reading in-between the lines to succeed in this operation. It is time to get practical! Every one of you – including me – is going to do some research on where Herbert may currently be hiding. Some top secret information has been leaked within the Club Penguin Times and on Spy Phone messages.

We do not know exactly where Herbert is located but we do know this:

Club Penguin Herbert's Case File Issue #469

We have been able to gather quite a bit information from handling a lot of experience with Herbert. Your first order is to examine this case file and establish all of his strengths and weaknesses. Please document your findings and report back in the comments below. I have been able to identify some of Herbert’s key characterisitcs in former Island Discussions however it takes more than one agent to conclude the evidence. If you can, go the extra mile and search the island for more evidence to back up this case file. For example, we found out that Herbert could not swim during ‘The Ultimate Mission’ so why not do some investigating on your own research? Please report back to me if you have identified anything new!

Recently we have been updated on where Herbert was last seen. This Island Rumour was leaked in the Club Penguin Times Issue #469. Please have a read:

Club Penguin Klutzy Finds Herbert

We have some sort of confirmation that this is true from Jet Pack Guy, confirming that Klutzy was sighted entering a cave deep in the Wilderness. However nothing has been heard recently. Before going straight in with this operation, we need to do some recon. Try and explore the island and look for some clues which could tell us further news on Herbert’s location. We already have one case study up in the mountains. There seems to be a cave with no examination upon it so far. Keep looking and keep me informed if you have discovered anything.

Club Penguin EPF Message JPG Reports - Klutzy Found Herbert
This EPF message was sent to all agents on September 11th 2014. No reports on Klutzy or Herbert have been made since. Stay sharp!

Last of all we need some theories and some good eyes! Wherever you are on the island, look out for Herbert! We have had some recent reports which have confirmed that he is on the move and possibly up to something. Luckily we have some great trackers available around the Club Penguin Network so if anyone reports a Herbert sighting, go there with them on that server and back them up. It would be great for some video evidence so that we can keep track of what he is saying. I repeat, look out for Herbert around the island. This one you have got to support each other with. For some extra edge in your investigation, keep an eye on Club Herbert. This website suspiciously helps us EPF agents to gain an advantage to tracking down Herbert now and then.

This has been your briefing on Operation: Find Herbert. Please invite other agents to read this post and keep thee details with EPF agents only. This investigation is very serious since Herbert has been inactive for quite a while. It can surprise us on what he has been up to within a matter of months.

Be Resourceful, Be Remarkable, Be Ready!

Blue21102, out!