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Welcome to Blue’s Art. As well as blogging and making videos, I also love to draw when I have the time. This blog topic showcases all of my Club Penguin art which I am happy to share with you and with every piece of art there is a description. This gives you an insight into what happens behind the picture. I hope you will enjoy what I have created.

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Blue and the Igloo (01/06/14)

This first piece of art was my first famous drawing I ever posted online. The reason why I am so proud of it is because Polo Field (former community manager of Club Penguin, Kelowna Offices) posted it on his Twitter timeline and said it was “awesome”. As a result, lots of penguins praised it which made me feel very special. Thank you Polo Field (Chris Gliddon) for showcasing my art for me. Because of this piece, I have become much more keen of drawing penguins for this Blog.

My Masterpiece

Fun Fact

This penguin is based on what I used to look like. It is quite similar to my current outfit and I visualised a background to it as well because I wanted to represent Club Penguin in terms of a frosty island with igloos and customisable penguins. This is what I enjoy most about the game! Unfortunately, I was unable to fit in a blue puffle; that is my favourite puffle species. Plus, I managed to gain the ‘Star Picture’ of the month within the official UK Club Penguin Magazine. I was very happy!

Self-Portrait #1 (20/02/16)

Next, I am sharing with you a very recent portrait I made of myself. There are so many talented artists out in the community who inspired me to make this portrait and influenced the creation of this page. This one is in black and white, not only for an ancient effect, but also because I had no access to colouring pencils. If I had them, I would have used them however after drawing this, I found that shading can take lead in an image so they are just as significant as drawings with colour.

Blue21102 Folding Arms

Fun Fact

The reason why this drawing – in particular – looks unfinished is because I actually ran out of room to continue the rest of the body. Unaware that I was going to publish this online, I did not take space into much consideration since this picture started off as a doodle. It was only during my time refining the beak when I thought that this could be worthy enough to share online. 

Portrait of Nicoray (20/02/16)

The following picture is, in fact, a drawing of someone else in the community. Even though I do not accept requests, I did this one only to help my friend out. It is also to show a sign of “thanks” for being so supportive to my Blog. Obviously, there are quite a few others who mean a lot to me so I am not using favouritism as a weapon. I thought that this picture could help my friend out so it was kind of a “one-off”. Anyway, it took me around an hour and a half to create this and, luckily, my friend really liked it! This drawing is for…Nicoray!

Nicoray Picture

Fun Fact

This drawing was the first time I ever used my imagination to add extra detail to this piece. Usually, I am an observer when I draw since it gives me something to focus on. That is what I am best at. However it was difficult to do it for this picture since the design was very difficult. Especially the hair and the torso. Therefore, I used my imagination a bit and experimented to create something a bit different than the image of Nicoray himself. It turned out quite successful however I am sure I will get better at it. I guess drawing from a new angle is also using my imagination a bit since I have to visualise the penguin differently. 

Portrait of Pingping4069 (09/04/16)

Finally, a picture in colour! This portrait is dedicated to Pingping4069: a good friend of mine in the community. The reason why I decided to draw Ping is because I realised how much she has done for people in the community by producing drawings for people and constantly maintaining a positive attitude. Ping is funny, kind and considerate and an amazing artist. Be sure to check out Ping’s blog and YouTube channel for more artistic and creative wonder. Thank you again Ping for being awesome as always!

Pingping4069 Portrait.png

Fun Fact

For pictures in colour, I use WHSmith Colouring Pencils. I find that these pencils are of high quality so when you blend them, they can create a lot of texture to a drawing. They also come with a range of hues which help me to create highlights and dark shades.

Portrait of Blue21102 (22/05/16)

So now I think it is sensible to share with you a portrait of me! First of all, I decided to draw a picture of my penguin because it would be the first time I drew myself with my current outfit worn – and I like my outfit! As a result, it reminded me to draw a picture of what I look like at the moment since it has been a while; I just felt like I needed a fresh update to replace my old portrait of me: ‘Blue and the Igloo’. This drawing contains a lot of detail that I had never paid attention to in the past. If you compare it to my previous artworks, you may notice the hair has a lot more intricate colour shading, highlights and patterns that I observed from looking at my penguin. In addition, I used more harmonious colours which I thought suited the neck scarf and the beak. It takes on a slightly different style as well; this drawing may look more like a cartoon to you and that is because I wanted to try and reflect thi style used in Club Penguin which is block colouring. I quite like it.

Blue21102 Portrait

Fun fact

It took me over 4 hours to complete this drawing which is longer than I usually take. This is probably due to my extra effort to help me apply more precision to my shading and highlights.