Club Penguin: My Top 10 Memories

Hello, everyone!

I was suggested, by Riyita, to make a post that highlights my, personal, top 10 most memorable moments on Club Penguin. I don’t think that I have ever made a post like this so I think making this post is ideal!

If you didn’t know already, I joined Club Penguin in September 2008 which is almost 8 years ago from today. Therefore, every memory I post occurred ever since then. Also, I will be working through this top ten in chronological order. All of my most memorable moments are as memorable as each other so I found it difficult to rank them all. Anyway, let’s begin the top 10!

10. My First Day

How can I ever forget my first day in Club Penguin? It was too exciting to forget! I remember logging on for the first time to find myself lost in the Town. There were so many people online and I am not exaggerating. It took about half a minute before I could locate where I was in the room which overwhelmed me a lot. I knew that Club Penguin was a popular game because I was influenced by many people around me. Club Penguin was a trending game when I was younger and I only felt that it was right to create an account so that I can explore a snowy island of wonder. I remember spamming the friend button so that I could get as many friends as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t screenshot at all when I was a young Club Penguin player, so all I can use is this image. It reflects the popularity of Club Penguin when I first joined in 2008.

Crowded Old Town

9. Earning my Black Belt

Now I skip forward to February 2009. It was around this time when I discovered the Dojo and the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. I think I took a small hiatus before then which explains why I was surprised to see the Dojo on the map. All I can say about this memory is that I was so determined. When I played Card-Jitsu with some fellow members of the community, I became instantly addicted and I remember logging back onto Club Penguin more than once a day, every day, every week in order to claim the “legendary” black belt. At the time, it was so treasured because if you had the black belt, you had the power. Can you remember all of the frustrating times when you were a wannabe ninja who always used to challenge Sensei in hope of a win? Only the black belt granted you that win; that being the ninja mask.  Continue reading


Island Discussion #18: Herbert Theory

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to a new Island Discussion this week. Today’s discussion will explore a background to Herbert P. Bear before he even arrived at Club Penguin. Every villain has a story and a reason. We found out why Tusk (Master of Snow) became enemies with Sensei and the Card Jitsu Saga helped us to re-live the story of their upbringing together. Ultimate Protobot 10K is another villain with intentions to assist Gary the Gadget Guy in his future inventions however surprisingly became one of Club Penguin’s dangerous villains after a malfunction in his creation.

Herbert does have a story that exists on this island only but we never seemed to grasp on to why Herbert has become a spiteful Polar Bear who wants to live in a Summer Paradise. I was thinking that maybe something happened to him before he was stranded on an iceberg. Maybe his family or friends caused betrayal and that lead him on a journey on his own.

You could always tell that Herbert was an isolated bear. Throughout the PSA missions, there was always a sense of doubt and the way he treats Klutzy in a controlling way hints that this could be as a result of his former life. People say that your actions can be influenced from others stronger than you and with more power however the power of that person prevents you from striking back. In other words, it is a bit like bullying except Herbert could have lived a life where his parents weren’t especially pleasant with him. It is a classic form of revenge and wanting to finally be the most powerful person you can ever be.

Continue reading

Operation: Find Herbert

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Top Secret Slogan


This is EPF agent Blue21102 reporting from the Elite Penguin Force Command Room. On behalf of the alliance, I would like to introduce every one of you agents to a top secret operation. Hopefully you have gained some skills from Spy Drills and the PSA Mission Training Program because what I am going to brief to you is some tough business and is required some sensibility and concentration.

Our mission is to track down Herbert P. Bear Esquire. This polar bear has made some unfortunate history on this island and his biggest heist was blowing up the PSA Headquarters with…Popcorn. Stay sharp agents! The evolution of the EPF began after the disbandment of the PSA and we can not fail our mission again! The EPF was created for skilful agents who have what it takes to eliminate any threats that invade this island and one of them is Herbert. Now, all of you should be capable of understanding what I am going to say next.

This top secret operation is called ‘Find Herbert’ and it may sound pretty simple but you have got to do even more than just reading in-between the lines to succeed in this operation. It is time to get practical! Every one of you – including me – is going to do some research on where Herbert may currently be hiding. Some top secret information has been leaked within the Club Penguin Times and on Spy Phone messages.

We do not know exactly where Herbert is located but we do know this:

Club Penguin Herbert's Case File Issue #469

We have been able to gather quite a bit information from handling a lot of experience with Herbert. Your first order is to examine this case file and establish all of his strengths and weaknesses. Please document your findings and report back in the comments below. I have been able to identify some of Herbert’s key characterisitcs in former Island Discussions however it takes more than one agent to conclude the evidence. If you can, go the extra mile and search the island for more evidence to back up this case file. For example, we found out that Herbert could not swim during ‘The Ultimate Mission’ so why not do some investigating on your own research? Please report back to me if you have identified anything new!

Recently we have been updated on where Herbert was last seen. This Island Rumour was leaked in the Club Penguin Times Issue #469. Please have a read:

Club Penguin Klutzy Finds Herbert

We have some sort of confirmation that this is true from Jet Pack Guy, confirming that Klutzy was sighted entering a cave deep in the Wilderness. However nothing has been heard recently. Before going straight in with this operation, we need to do some recon. Try and explore the island and look for some clues which could tell us further news on Herbert’s location. We already have one case study up in the mountains. There seems to be a cave with no examination upon it so far. Keep looking and keep me informed if you have discovered anything.

Club Penguin EPF Message JPG Reports - Klutzy Found Herbert
This EPF message was sent to all agents on September 11th 2014. No reports on Klutzy or Herbert have been made since. Stay sharp!

Last of all we need some theories and some good eyes! Wherever you are on the island, look out for Herbert! We have had some recent reports which have confirmed that he is on the move and possibly up to something. Luckily we have some great trackers available around the Club Penguin Network so if anyone reports a Herbert sighting, go there with them on that server and back them up. It would be great for some video evidence so that we can keep track of what he is saying. I repeat, look out for Herbert around the island. This one you have got to support each other with. For some extra edge in your investigation, keep an eye on Club Herbert. This website suspiciously helps us EPF agents to gain an advantage to tracking down Herbert now and then.

This has been your briefing on Operation: Find Herbert. Please invite other agents to read this post and keep thee details with EPF agents only. This investigation is very serious since Herbert has been inactive for quite a while. It can surprise us on what he has been up to within a matter of months.

Be Resourceful, Be Remarkable, Be Ready!

Blue21102, out!

Island Discussion #9: Dot-To-Dot

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 9th Island Discussion! Today’s topic will be a bit empty, meaning I may not have any evidence for it. It is an interesting one, though. I will be trying to see whether this theory (I am about to tell you) is true. It may take some time to gather some evidence and to examine it but this was literally off the top of my head and I waned to find out about it! Here we go…

“What if Dot the Disguise Gal was evil?”

Dot3What do you guys think? Does this sound random to you? Well I was thinking that her history on this island is anonymous so we do not no much about here at all. Except that she “works” for the EPF.

Since she is a stealthy agent, you never know where you are going to find her. She may be an undercover spy working for another organisation but we do no not that because she can disguise as one. We may think of her as an ordinary EPF agent but the looks is just one layer of yourself. what is behind her?

The strange thing about Dot is that she was recruited later as an EPF agent. It started off when she helped you to qualify as an EPF agent in the DS game: “Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force”. She also looked different then. This can tell you how she can remarkably change now and then.

In the mission “The Veggie Villain”, Dot appeared out from the cupboard that lead to the original EPF Command Room. She was not in any other mission except this one. There are three reasons that could explain this. Maybe she was just casually doing her job. She could have been working as an EPF agent for a while; maybe we did not realise. Second. Since she was new at the time, Club Penguin wanted to show her off on the web as well as on the Nintendo DS game. The third reason that could explain this could be that she was sent to the PSA (from the beginning of her recruit) to destroy the HQ and get away. As we can tell she only could have succeeded one part in her mission. Since it was Herbert that blew up the HQ, could mean that he sent Dot there in the first place.

Now Dot has maintained her position in the EPF. As we can tell, Herbert is now her enemy after he froze her and all the other EPF agents in Operation: Blackout. Maybe they turned against each other after Dot failed to complete the mission. (This is probably sounding really random now!)

This was basically a rough guide lines to Dot’s life and her relationships. I used the above story as an example to show that she could be a duplicitous agent. Of course this is only my theory and may be wrong but it is still possible that she may have connections with other organisation as well as the EPF. Since she is a disguise gal, it may be hard for us to tell…

That is it for this Island Discussion. That was one strange theory but I wonder if any of you could agree with it or think it is completely false. Please comment your thoughts and theories about Dot in the comments section. Who do you think she is? Is she an EPF agent? Or is that one of her many disguises?

Thanks for reading!