Island Insight

Hello, everyone!

Today, I have another blog category to unveil to you all! I am particularly excited to announce this one. I bet you have guessed the name of it already…

Island Insight

The mysteries continue and we have to solve them!


Island Insight will explore the many mysteries that are hiding within Club Penguin Island. Each post from this category will give you an in-depth look into each mystery. I will also be proposing theories and managing investigations with the assistance of evidence. As well as this, however, there will be some conjecture and inference to make things interesting. It will also give you a chance to make contributions! Furthermore, I am hoping to bring back some documentary-type videos to give my audience a visual interpretation of my theories.

Luckily for you, it turns out that the cancellation of Island Discussion is not at all significant. I made this new category because I wanted to give it a fresh start since we are going to be dealing with a new game: Club Penguin Island. Nevertheless, I will be archiving my Island Discussion posts so that you can still read them. Who knows? Perhaps some mysteries from Club Penguin will be continued in Club Penguin Island.

The first Island Insight post will arrive tomorrow!

Before I end the post, I want to ask you a question: What mysteries are you most intrigued by in Club Penguin Island? You can let me know your answers in the comments section. Perhaps the ones you suggest will be featured in a future Island Insight.

I hope you enjoyed this announcement and I am looking forward to sharing my first post with you tomorrow. You do not want to miss it! Thank you for reading.

Waddle On!



Island Discussion #32: Be Ready

Hello, everyone!

Recently, I have been able to test Club Penguin Island on Android. In a nutshell, it has been a great experience (so far) even though there are some bugs that can affect gameplay. Soon, I will be reviewing the geo-beta of Club Penguin Island so stay tuned for that in the coming days.

Now, I have been playing this game for a few days and I have noticed a lot of cool details. I’ve been listing them down so that I could, potentially, discuss them all in the future. Today, I want to discuss more of the mysteries that Club Penguin Island offers. In this discussion, I have an interesting one for you all and it begins with this screenshot (captured on my phone).

This is a screenshot of one of the many messages you get on the Club Penguin Island loading screens. Of course, this particular message is different from the usual ones so there must be wp-1482261621784.pngsomething “special” about it. As a matter of fact, it is written in code. That’s right! This set of numbers require decryption, but how do we know how to crack it?

Being a cipher expert, I know for a fact that the code “2-5 18-5-1-4-25” is encrypted in A1Z26 cipher. The way this code works is that each letter of the alphabet is assigned with its corresponding number. In other words, A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on. This a common cipher that is used in a lot of code-cracking activities but I never expected to see it on Club Penguin Island. First of all, the code most Club Penguin players are familiar with is the “tic-tac-toe” code. This cipher has been used ever since the Penguin Secret Agency (PSA) formed in the original game and it has lived on for many years after. Now there is some vague indication towards a variety of ciphers to be used in the new game, perhaps.  Continue reading

Island Discussion #31: The Next Chapter

Hello, everyone!

Project: Super Secret has finally been revealed. No one needs to call the project “super secret” anymore because we now know what the new game will be called.

Disney Club Penguin Island™ .

It has been a long time since my last discussion. As soon as the Club Penguin community were surprised with the news, I thought that it would be an appropriate time to get the discussions rolling again. I find it quite cool that the word “island” appears in the new game title so it makes “Island Discussion” a sensible name.

So, a fresh start means that a lot of things will be refreshed. Club Penguin has been a great online game with mysteries dotted around it. The EPF, Herbert, the Iceberg, Tusk and so much more… The question is: will these mysteries be continued in Club Penguin Island. I actually talked about this in my last discussion. I suggest you take a look; it is interesting to compare my thoughts on this with my older impressions when the new game wasn’t yet revealed.

At first, I thought that this game would surround the delights of socialising with other penguins. I still think that this is the main aspect of the game. From what I have seen in the sneak peeks, the interaction has a lot of potential within Club Penguin Island. That includes interaction with penguins, items and the environment. Although I think thought this was a really good focus, it made me worry about the mysteries. I was worried that they were going to be chucked behind them. However, I have been enlightened with some promising evidence that supports the continuation of mysteries in Club Penguin Island. Have you seen the website yet? If not, check it out now!

Do you have it open yet? Okay, now scroll down the page and look for an icon called “Quests”. Click the link and it should lead you to a page with lots of videos on the many wonders that are found on Club Penguin Island. On this page, you will be given a synopsis of what the “Quests” video is about. I will list it down here for you:

Hidden treasures and legendary secrets… there’s more than meets the eye on this untamed island. Have you heard about the mythical city of Penglantis?  Continue reading

Island Discussion #30: Continuity

Hello, everyone!

Have you seen the number yet? We have reached the 30th post of my Island Discussion series and I am proud of what we have accomplished, so far. Mysteries still linger which is what makes them exciting but it has been an immense journey which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who reads my Island Discussions and I appreciate all of the engagements within the discussions that have brought the topic this far.

For today’s topic, I want to talk about the future and how it could, potentially, have an impact on the island’s deepest mysteries. As you may know, Project: Super Secret is inbound and a lot of us are excited. This project is going to revamp everything in Club Penguin and make it 3D. Therefore, we will be able to advance our journey to a deeply vibrant virtual world which will have a lot more depth (at least we think it will). Consequently, we would assume that this will only mean that mysteries will get better and more extensive. I mean, what else would an upgrade deliver to us?

Even though the next big thing for Club Penguin looks incredible, we need to remember that the project was originally the creation of a new app called Disney Mix. For some reason, the 3D rendering of Club Penguin was never originally considered until the team figured out a way to link, both, Disney Mix and Club Penguin together. Disney Mix was meant to give Club Penguin players the opportunity to enhance their conversations because everyone knows how unsatisfactory the chat filter is. However, it seems that the team took a new approach; what if Club Penguin took over Disney?

This resulted in a bigger project which leads the team to work on enhancing the technology Club Penguin uses so that it will become more efficient as an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). I think it is safe to say that everyone in the Club Penguin community is stoked to hear this. If Club Penguin unveiled to us that this “super secret project” was – actually – the development of a new app called Disney Mix (which only incorporates Club Penguin within it) we all would have felt deceived. In fact, I can show you what Spike Hike tweeted the other day which is the source of all this.

Spike Hike Disney Mix and PSS.png
“Disney Mix is what I meant when I announced Project Super Secret. But then somehow that became the name of the new CP.”

I think what Spike Hike is trying to say is, basically, what I said previously. When he mentions that Disney Mix “became the name of the new CP”, this may also mean that new Club Penguin will be called ‘Club Penguin Re-Mix’ but those rumours are still not confirmed. The point I am trying to make is that this enhancement, which is currently being made to aid the game, was only developed to assist the release of Disney Mix and vice versa. To make these two elements work together, they need to share the same technology.  Continue reading

Island Discussion #29: The Iceberg Myth

Hello everyone!

Today I want to discuss with you something that tears at our brains quite regularly. It is about a mystery that is nearly as old as the island and we still haven’t been able to crack it. Or should I say, tip it?

That’s right! It is about time we research Club Penguin’s iceberg again and hope that we will find answers regarding its ability to tip or not. Countless attempts have been carried out since the beginning and we still try today. It makes a lot of people question the myth of the iceberg and because no one has been able to tip it – yet – people (maybe even you) are losing faith in the mystery but you know what? I still think it is possible. Club Penguin constantly tease it all the time which determines a lot of us. If they are “lying” to us about this myth, then they are simply mean people. But I don’t want that to ruin our chances! I actually have evidence which suggests the tipping of the iceberg.

A couple of years ago, when the first issue of the Club Penguin Magazine debuted in the UK, I remember seeing something interesting as soon as I opened it up to the first two pages. In my opinion, it seems like compelling evidence so let’s have a look at what was shown.

Iceberg Tip-ometer Watermark

First things first, what is shown is a prototype of what seems to be an invention that Gary created. A prototype is a preliminary version of a product which isn’t exactly as well developed as the final product. Therefore, we can already induce that this source will not give us confident answers to our question: “Is it really possible to tip the iceberg?”. Also, this prototype is made by Gary and we know for a fact that a lot of his history revolves around some of the island’s worst technological failures to have ever existed. We had the disastrous Ultimate Protobot 10000 who almost destroyed the future of Club Penguin and the sinister Mascbots which almost took over the island last Halloween. We are just lucky that we have ourselves to protect everyone from these life-threatening inventions Gary makes. So how can we assume if this prototype is even safe? It could be another one of his numerous failures.

Nevertheless, the prototype does make a lot of sense. The Iceberg Tip-ometer is actually something we can learn from, ignoring what I said in the previous paragraph. Every time you have ever attempted to top the iceberg, don’t you usually find yourself at the actual tip of the iceberg? That is normally where the influential mobs hang when they are trying to tip the iceberg. But, as you can see, the invention says that there is “still nothing” from when we dance or drill there. This reflects on the hundreds of times we have failed to tip the iceberg at that exact position. However, as you move clockwise, it seems that the invention is able to detect roughly where penguins need to position themselves when trying to tip the iceberg. From what it seems (roughly where the Aqua Grabber is) that is where we may be able to tip the iceberg. It does say “Eeek!” which suggests that this is the exact point to go to in order the tip the iceberg. But putting into context with what I said previously, should we listen to this prototype?

I simply think that we need more evidence. As plausible as it may seem, we still don’t know what to believe. Of course, it is worth trying but I bet that it has been tried in the past. When this myth used to be so popular, the Iceberg used to be literally full of penguins which is what makes me surprised about how challenging it is for us to solve the question. But these many failures may be telling us something! What if tipping the iceberg had nothing to do with where we position ourselves? What if we have been overthinking the situation? What if we need an exact quantity of penguins on the iceberg to achieve tipping it? We have always assumed to get as many penguins as possible but these assumptions have only been followed because so many people believe in them. So what should we assume?  Continue reading