Thinking Out Cloud

Hello, everyone!

My New Year’s Resolutions are already taking action! I have a new blog category to share with you today. Can you guess what it is? I would like to introduce you to…

Thinking Out Cloud

It’s funny because it’s a pun!


Thinking Out Cloud will be the source of all of my thoughts and discussions on this blog. As the title suggests, I will be thinking out loud…or…cloud. The posts will be very opinionated but they will also encourage you to think and contribute to the discussions. A range of topics will be explored so I hope you are excited to see this new category bloom!

If you are an avid reader of my blog, perhaps you are wondering what will happen to my ‘Island Discussion’ posts. Well, I am afraid to say that my Island Discussion category is now going to end. I will no longer be producing content for this category but that doesn’t mean I have something else to compensate for its loss. And it’s not this category!

The first Thinking Out Cloud post will arrive tomorrow!

You may have also noticed the new icon style. This will, eventually, be the new style for all of the blog categories. As new ones start to arrive, this makeover will spread and, soon, The Blue Blog will look a bit different. Good different!

I hope you are all excited to see the post and I would really appreciate more feedback across the next few weeks. More categories are going to be introduced soon so it would be great to hear what you think of them. In fact, I will be creating some polls soon so you can give feedback easily. Alternatively, you could always leave me a comment, a tweet or an email!

Thank you all for the support!

Waddle On!



Sharing Creativity

Hey everyone!

Today I have a Waddle Guide for you to read and I think it is an interesting topic which will, hopefully, inspire you to open your minds more. One of the best things about the Club Penguin team is that it allows such creativity to be noticed and showcased. For example, they offer everyone in the community to submit fan art for monthly ‘Featured Fan Art’ videos. There is also the legendary Club Penguin Times Newspaper which encourages talented penguins from around the community to submit in their own jokes, fan art and a question for Aunt Arctic. I find that the Club Penguin Times is another way to help people get involved and this is yet another method from the team. What does this tell us? It tells us that Club Penguin care about it’s community and try to find many way to value everyone the best they can.

Let’s think about more examples. There is the Penguin of the Week award that is given to one lucky penguin who was nominated by one or more of their friends. I think this one is special since it shows everyone how valuable friendship is and helps the community to appreciate things more such as helpful penguins who do something special in aid of someone else. Another example includes recognition for Club Penguin Blogs. I do believe that the team check out as many Blog as they can to receive feedback and to take in any notes on anything we blog about. This helps to motivate people (like me) to blog more to you and to still keep on producing posts that are fun.

If we think more about in-game, some great hobbies to help share your creativity would be music making with SoundStudio and Igloo Designing. SoundStudio is an amazing game that helps you make music by using sampled tracks that are pre-made. However the combinations can be different every time because you can do a lot with SoundStudio. After you finish recording some music that you are proud of, people can like it which shows peer support online. Everyone loves visiting the Dance Club – thanks to SoundStudio – because there are some awesome tunes out there for people to hear and dance to. I recommend using SoundStudio more often if you love music!

Igloo Designing was covered in my last Waddle Guide however I think it is worth stating again that igloos are there for personality and creativity. Igloos show visitors what your penguin is like and your igloo is your own piece of land on Club Penguin where you can go wild and create anything you like. Again, you can gain likes from igloo decorating which is something great to be more aware of as it makes you feel proud and more recognised in such a BIG community.

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My YouTube Channel

Hey there!

In this short post I would just like to share with you a contact form in which I would appreciate your complete honesty with. It is on my YouTube Channel and the content within it. I would be grateful if you took part so I will know what to do in the future for my YouTube Channel and hopefully receiving your feedback will help to deliver a better experience for everyone.

I don’t usually use YouTube much however I am thinking of trying it again with some new content for you to enjoy. Here it is:

Thank you to everyone who participated. It really means a lot when I receive your feedback!

Waddle On!


Community Collab: Card-Jitsu

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a brand new Community Collab, where we raise ideas and interact with each other for the benefit of Club Penguin. Today’s topic is about Card-Jitsu.

Card-Jitsu is a game that is original to Club Penguin. There are two skills – for you to hone – to be able to succeed in Card-Jitsu. First you need strategy. Strategy is an advantage in Card-Jitsu because the rest is luck. To be able to have a higher chance in succeeding, strategy is your mate. You need to know your elements and their strengths/weaknesses. If someone chooses snow, you choose fire. That is basic strategy. However, if you’re on your way to become a ninja, you need to think as if you were in the other penguin’s shoes. For example you need to take in consideration that your opponent may be tricking you and leading you to a trap. By doing this they can pretend to pick their last element required to win and the other penguin’s instinct would be to go against that element to stop them winning. Keep thinking strategy and you can master Card-Jitsu in no time!

That was a basic guide to Card-Jitsu. As you can tell, the game sounds different and awesome! Club Penguin are lucky to own such a great game. Though when are they going to spotlight it?

Over the years, Card-Jitsu has become increasingly popular due to the expansion of different elemental games, making it vast and more interesting. Near the early stages of Card-Jitsu, Club Penguin released CJ Trading Cards to help promote it. Since the game itself uses cards to present a particular element, Club Penguin thought it may be a good idea to do this in real life. I remember the days when I used to collect these and trade them with my friends. I still have them in tins! They still sell these cards however they aren’t popular anymore and this is because there hasn’t been an update to them. Card-Jitsu has been updated online since there is now water, snow and fire to master but the classic cards still remain.

I love the CJ Trading Cards but it would be nice to see more ways to play. Maybe Club Penguin will be working towards this since the game is planning on being revamped soon. Also they are trying to bring it on the app as well!

Overall what are your thoughts on Card-Jitsu? Do you think is has been forgotten in reality? Comment your thoughts on this post and I would appreciate your reactions to Card-Jitsu. It would help as well since all of this collaboration will be noticed and maybe forwarded on to the team. Polo Field makes often visits and forwards some ideas so please feel free to say something.

Thanks for reading!


New Additions!

Hello everyone!

I would just like to inform you that I have revamped my website a tad more to make it easier for you to navigate through particular posts. Say “Hello!” to the new “Blog Topics” page. On this page you will find a round-up of all the popular elements included on this Blog such as: Island Discussion and Community Collab. Hopefully it will be easier for you to find the post you wanted! Also I am going to write stories! I did mention this on my last Blog however I never really got the time to do it. I am working on a story right now but It will be shown on this Blog at some point.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will find my Blog even better to use! Also I have added a “Feedback” page for you to tell me your thoughts on the design and the content of my Blog. I will respond to you directly and try and make things better for you.