Compatible with a Penguin

Hello, everyone! 

For a while, I have wondered what formulates the bond I have with Club Penguin. Why do I still express interest for a game that’s “out of date”? Club Penguin is designed for kids yet I am ageing and ageing and the bond hasn’t seemed to weaken. Sure; my interest fluctuates now and then but to be in a position where I passionately write about this game makes it clear, to everyone, that it must be something special to me. The funny thing about that is: I have no clue why I am still attached to a game which is not even as good as it was years ago.

More interestingly, I don’t stand alone. Actually, I know too many people, in the Club Penguin community, who have also grown up with this game. So, therefore, it must not be that big of a deal. On the other hand, it is still a very strange reality to me. The reason why is because I am an anonymous Club Penguin fan who hides his actuality amongst a public of non-Club Penguin players; most of them (if they even touched the game) would have stopped playing Club Penguin as soon as they entered their teens. If I ever were to reveal the truth – which is that I still play Club Penguin – it would probably result in public humiliation, at least I think it would. On the contrary, Club Penguin has an immense community and I know a surprising amount of the community who are at a similar age to me. There are even adults who play Club Penguin! Whilst I am on Twitter, where I socialise with a lot of these people, this scary reality never creeps towards my mind because I am immersed in a community, surrounded by people who are very similar to me. I become no longer an outlier.

Everything I do online (Club Penguin-wise) is always kept confidential to my friends. Only my family know how much I love Club Penguin so I trust them to keep the secret safe. It is difficult to lead a life where I live as two different people. The majority of my online persona exposes a character with huge charisma towards Club Penguin. In real life I am the same person, except some parts of me are hiding under a cloak. To fully reveal my Club Penguin passion is one of my worst fears, only because of the game’s stereotype. Like I mentioned earlier, Club Penguin is perceived to be a “kids game”. But if so many people similar to myself also have a passion for this game, the stereotype must be false (like most end up being).


It cannot be right to feel scared of announcing who you really are. In a modern society, we are meant to respect who people are. If people get bullied or mistreated depending on what game they like to play, we are not a fair society at all. This is why I have never told anyone about my Club Penguin experience. If it will change how I am perceived in life, it doesn’t seem worth doing. I am wondering if any other person feels the same way.

Despite all of this, Rocketsnail (co-founder of Club Penguin) wrote a short post, expressing his feelings on this stereotype and it totally contradicts it. He said:

Want to learn a little secret about Club Penguin? I didn’t make it for kids. I made it for anyone that loves imagination.
Club Penguin is a world full of adventure, mystery and delight. You can be anything you want to be. A pirate that sails the seven seas, a thief that robs the pizza parlour, a ninja that masters an ancient legend, a secret agent, a barista or even an army that wages war on this little snow covered island.
I do not create kids games, I create games that kids can play. Club Penguin is for everyone. 

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Mission For Peace

Hello everyone!

Sorry to disappoint you, but this post today is quite serious and miserable but I feel like I have to make it to address my thoughts on all the drama happening lately, in the Club Penguin Twitter community. I am sure that a lot of you are aware of the ongoing saga of the confused community. A lot of drama has been generated about a kids game; it is just as silly as it sounds. But frankly, it gets even more sillier when people challenge and interfere with the drama. Yes, it is getting too out of hand.

So earlier this month, I started a mission for peace and invited as many people as I could to help spread the word of peace amongst the community. To everyone who has helped out, I sincerely thank you very much because I know that what we have achieved together will have a positive impact on the future of Club Penguin. We have solved cases and helped to mend some of the community but there is one thing I have learned from this mission, so far.

It is almost impossible to fix something. People can try as hard as they may but nothing will ever be perfect. It is because it is broken in the first place. The only thing we can do is improve and make things better.

The peacekeepers have achieved peace and some people have actually taken our advice. The only thing is, whatever happens in the community goes on a record. Penguins can never forget something. The peacekeepers may encourage people to forgive and the forget but who can forget something that has destroyed the community and perhaps even themselves. Unfortunately, I know someone who is a victim of this but the pathetic thing is that we are a community that supports a kids game. I know what has started all of the drama. It is the things that I have mentioned previously: fear, anger, hate, jealousy, greed etc. The real cause?

Blogs. Videos. Art. Our talents, practically. Club Penguin is full of people with many talents and I have always valued how most people in our community support one another in appreciation of these talents. But there is a natural addiction in the community and it mainly stimulates from jealousy of these talents. Everyone gets jealous now and then but when you hear people talking “legal” and “court”, you know that is has got a whole lot more serious. And the funny thing is? It’s about a kids game.

I have struggled, in the past, with jealousy. When you see people who you are inspired by, you want to be as good as them as soon as possible but you just have to be patient in order to pursue these desires. That way, you can become an inspiration too.

I have also struggled, in the past, with competition. The sort of competition that puts all blogs as rivals against each other. But that thought has been long gone for me after I had realized how small our community is. I know, it still contains a lot of people but we are supporting a small game and the Twitter community is actually decreasing in size. The fact that we are a small community, also makes us a team who should be working together to boost the game and to support the supporters. These days, I want to help people do well and I find that this is what earns me friends and a high self-conscience. It is not about competing. If we help each other, we would be an even tighter community where everyone knows everyone (sort of) and think about how amazing that could be. Furthermore, it is not about popularity at all. No one needs to be popular if we all work together and make friends. We are the Club Penguin community; enough said.  Continue reading

The Confused Community

Hello everyone!

Today, I am making this very important post. If you are not yet aware, our community is now filled with hate, jealousy and fear. For months now, all of these feelings have been boiling to the brim and it has destroyed quite a lot of our community.

You know, I thought that the Club Penguin community was always a treasure to value. Almost 8 years ago, when I first joined Club Penguin, I remember how dazzled I was by everyone’s commitment to the game. These were golden days for sure. But it is not just the parties that make Club Penguin feel good, it is mainly the community. After all, we are the ones that live the parties and enjoy them. Without us, Club Penguin will not be here today.

Age is one of those things that gingerly takes things away from us without a choice. Club Penguin is over 10 years old which is a sincere achievement to look up to. Naturally, Club Penguin should be heading towards its exit but our community is becoming a catalyst, encouraging this process and making it quicker. What has happened to us?

In this post, I do not want to name anyone because that will just make everything a whole lot worse. But I know a lot of you who need to read this. I am talking to my friends, my enemies and my acquaintances. To all of the fire-starters and the penguins who miss the glory days. To the penguins who want our community fixed and to those who want it destroyed. Please, read what I have to say at this time of so much anger and hate.

We are one big community. Right now, we are confused. Big communities make things look good but they require a lot of maintenance. I guess it is another one of those times where we have mistakably tangled ourselves in a knot. Compelling ideas and thoughts sit right next to and bite each other. Before we go on and tighten the knot, we need to relax and gradually weave our way out of it. The ingredients that feed this knot are the ones I mentioned earlier. Anger. Hate. Jealousy. Greed. Fear. There is too many of them to mention but hopefully I have outlined the main ones. We need to get rid of these as soon as we can otherwise we will end up with a bomb that will eventually explode. Come on! We have put up with this game for 10 years and now we want our hard work and dedication to crumble away? We have even struggled through 2 or 3 years of a dying game that will soon be reborn, and just before we even manage to make it to the next stop, you are seriously considering that we just destroy all of that as well? Continue reading

Blue Reviews: Inside Out Party

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another ‘Blue Reviews’ where I evaluate the monthly parties/events that occur in Club Penguin. For each party I review, I will explore four areas in which the party is going to be reviewed upon. These are: Story, Visuals, Content and Durability. After reviewing these four areas, I will then conclude my review with a Verdict! This summarises what I have mentioned throughout the review and everything will be averaged into a score out of 10. I hope you will enjoy my review on this month’s party…

Inside Out Party!

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