Iggy Fest

Hello, everyone!

The next So Long CP event is going to be…


What is Iggy Fest?

Iggy Fest is going to be a tremendous event that is simply a celebration of igloos. Every penguin, on Club Penguin, has one and you can do a lot with them (if you’re a member). That is why they are such a big deal. Igloos are something personal and unique. I always love seeing the vast variety of designs so we need to visit as many of them as possible! Igloos deserve to be shared, which is why Iggy Fest is going to make that happen!

How will it work?

Everyone will meet up at the Snow Forts, to begin with. After about 5 minutes, we start to visit igloos. There is not a strict system, so the way it works is you have to keep requesting for your igloo to be shown. I guarantee that we will be able to visit loads of them! If this were the case, we need to spend around 2 minutes (maximum) in each igloo. 2 minutes is enough to take in the glory!

Is there a theme?

Funnily enough, you do not need to decorate your igloo in a particular way. If you have a really special igloo, that means a lot to yourself, share it with everyone. The whole point of this event is to witness how authentic the Club Penguin community is. However, Iggy Fest is not just a bland igloo festival. There will be an igloo contest (just like the old days)! It is not compulsory to participate in but there is an epic reward. If you win the contest, you claim 12 Club Penguin items! The theme of the contest is your “favourite memory” from Club Penguin. Obviously, you cannot judge an igloo by its purpose, but you can judge it for its creativity and authenticity. To win this contest, you need to be different.

How will the contest work? 

The contest will be taking place at the end of the event. After an hour of visiting so many igloos, you can decide to join us at the Snow Forts, again, where we will be meeting the contestants. To join the contest, you need to sign up in advance. In fact, you have to use the comments section below. Just state your penguin name! Anyone is eligible to sign up – as long as you do it before 00:00, 25th February!

Where are the details?

Iggy Fest has its own invitation which you are free to share on social media. You can also expect recent news and updates on Iggy Fest if you search up #IggyFest and #SoLongCP on Twitter. Official updates will be posted by @Blue21102 and @SoLongCP. Again, feel free to tag your tweets with these hashtags to promote the event. It would be greatly appreciated! Below is the invitation for Iggy Fest!


I hope that many of you will be able to come along to this event and celebrate how awesome igloos really are!

If you have any unanswered questions about this event, please comment them down below. Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!




Camp Penguin

Hello, everyone!

Camp Penguin is recruiting campers – next week – on Saturday, 18th February!

Have you ever been camping on Club Penguin? Perhaps you have several years ago when Camp Penguin made its first debut. Now, Camp Penguin is returning to the island so that the community can bond with each other, over the campfire, at the cove. It is a time for marshmallow roasting and evening swims. It is a time for boding.

So Long CP’s next event will be a calm one. Even though we are a compassionate and supportive community, we actually do not know much about each other. So, before Club Penguin ends, that needs to change. I think it is an appropriate time to get to know each other more and the remedy to this is Camp Penguin.

So, what is this event going to achieve?

Camp Penguin will be a calm and relaxing experience that will take place at the Cove and Forest of Club Penguin. Hopefully, penguins will be able to make more friends and even become better friends with penguins they already know. Friends are vital in life because it means we can find someone to rely on, lean on and lead on. After Club Penguin closes its doors next month, us penguins will still be here so we need to make sure that everyone has friends, regardless of the future.

What can penguins get up to at Camp Penguin?

The greatest thing about this event is that it only happens within 2 rooms on Club Penguin. But within these 2 rooms, a lot can happen! For example, you can have a jolly swim with your buddies, at the Cove; roast marshmallows on the campfire; share spooky stories – and hunt for the Hermit. These are only a few of the possibilities but it is entirely up to you on how you make friends and socialise at Camp Penguin. You can let your imagination run wild!

Where can I find all of the details for this event?

Camp Penguin has its own invitation that invites every single penguin in the Club Penguin community (except bots). Feel free to share the invitation on social media and with your penguin pals. You can also find relevant information about Camp Penguin within tweets that are tagged: #SoLongCP and #CampPenguin. You can also use these yourself to promote the event so we can bond with as many penguins as possible. The invitation for this event is below.

Camp Penguin Invite.png

This event is going to be a truly unique – but simple – experience for all of you penguins to enjoy. I hope you are willing to register at Camp Penguin next weekend!

If you have any questions about this So Long CP event, please use the comments section or leave me a tweet @Blue21102. Thank you for reading!

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The Penguin Playoffs 

Hello, everyone!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the So Long CP Kickoff went very well! In this post, I will be announcing the next event in this project. If you have read the title, you may have an idea of what the event is called and what it is about. I am excited to reveal the next event which is called…

The Penguin Playoffs Logo.png

Before Game Over, we must Game On!

This event is all about mini-games! Club Penguin is full of them and we need to make the most of them before the game ends on March 29th.

Some of the greatest things about Club Penguin are the old and nostalgic games within it. Uniting the community together – for an event like this – will remind us all of the glory days! The Penguin Playoffs will ensure that every penguin will have fun, no matter how competitive you are. Instead of an intense tournament, it’s more like a celebration of the fantastic mini-games on Club Penguin. Nevertheless, this won’t stop you from having your own little competitions with the event!

If you are interested in attending, the event will be starting at the Ice Rink. For about 10 minutes, we will be hanging out there (playing ice hockey if you really feel like it) and getting sort into two groups. The So Long CP hosts will be doing this and the reason for it is because we want as many penguins to play – as possible! Therefore, splitting the attendees into two large groups will mean that we can play more games simultaneously with each other.

In other words…

There are going to be two teams. These are: #TeamAstro and #TeamIce. These names will not have much significance during the event but they will be important for penguins who get lost. The hosts of each team will be tweeting out live room updates during the event so make sure you keep an eye on these hashtags.

Once the teams have been sorted at the Ice Rink, the hosts will direct you to your first game station. There are 4 game stations in total!

#TeamAstro will begin the playoffs at the Puffle Lodge, playing Find Four. #TeamIce will begin the playoffs at the Dance Club, playing Dance Contest. The main goal is to play with many of your friends or acquaintances! There will be 15 minutes allowed at each game pinguinosledracer-recordstation, before it is time to move around the carousel. #TeamAstro will then be able to Sled Race, on Ski Hill, whilst #TeamIce move onto Card-Jitsu! That includes Fire, Water and Snow too!

After another 15 minutes have passed, the two teams will switch with each other. So, #TeamAstro goes to the Dance Club and #TeamIce will go to the Puffle Lodge. If you work out the math, it means that there will be a total 60 minutes of game time! After the whole process is complete, both teams will then reunite at the Ice Rink, and then the event will finish there. As you can tell, this event requires a lot of moving around but it will be done with ease! More importantly, it means that we can play more games (without having to wait) at the same time!

So, that is the main plan we have for the event! The So Long CP team have spent a while trying to plan this so it should be very fun! If you are planning on attending the event, feel free to use the hashtags: #GameOn and #SoLongCP – yourself – to promote the event and share it with your friends.

I think it will be smart of me to actually let you know when this event will be happening! The event will take place on…

Saturday, 11th February, 2:00 PM (PST) on server Marshmallow. 

I have also made an invitation for the event, which you will likely be seeing – frequently – on Twitter. Again, we would appreciate your support if you shared these invitations out so that we can get as many penguins, involved, as possible.


If you have any questions about The Penguin Playoffs, please leave them in the comments section, below. 

Now, I think that is all I need to say in this post. Be sure to check out the So Long CP page for updated information on the project and events, such as this. There are still many time slots available for CP Around The Clock so check out what this event is about and please get involved if you’re interested! Thank you for reading and I hope you are all excited for this event!

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Rare Records

Hello everyone!

It was only yesterday when I realized how much I actually miss DJ3K. If you were not a penguin who was around on Club Penguin when this game existed, DJ3K was a music making element found in the Dance Club (previously: Night Club) behind the turntable. Currently, it has been replaced by SoundStudio which is an “upgraded” version of it. Both of these games use sampling to create music. Sampling is where pre-recorded tracks (samples) can be selected and looped. More than one sample at a time can be selected to layer up music that constantly loops and changes rhythm until you switch to more samples. I have always loved DJ3K and I also love SoundStudio too because creating music on Club Penguin can be a fun and rewarding ritual. The best part? You can share your music with everyone else online via the Dance Club and even within your igloo.

So, I have decided to attempt to make this feature more popular by encouraging as many people as possible to come along to my first ever community event…Rare Records! At this event, penguins can meet at the Dance Club and listen to each others’ SoundStudio mixes. The most exciting part is that we can visit each others’ igloos to listen to some rare and nostalgic DJ3K mixes, as well as more SoundStudio mixes. This way, we can listen to full-feature length music pieces and enjoy what we have to share. If you have some archived DJ3K tracks, maybe you would like to share them at this party!

At this party, you can also decorate your igloo with musical decorations to add to the atmosphere. It would also be a great opportunity to increase your igloo likes and a great way to meet new people who you can meet up with in the future. Now, because this is my first – ever – community event, it may not be as amazing as some of the others. If this one goes well (hopefully it will) I may consider hosting more of these parties throughout the year so everyone gets to share their music! 

Below are the party details.

Rare Records Party

The party starts at 12:00 PST (20:00 BST) on Saturday, 20th August. It will take place on the server: Marshmallow, at the Dance Club – to begin with. As more and more people start to arrive, we will move on to igloos to hear all of your amazing records.

Are you excited? If you are, it would be awesome if you could use the hashtag #RareRecords on social media to promote the party so that we can get as many people, as possible, involved.

This party could turn out to be a lot of fun and I think it is quite different too so the experience may be unique and interesting. Be sure to let me know any questions you have by tweeting me @Blue21102 or leaving them in the comments section below. I hope that the timings are convenient for the majority of you but if, for some reason, they are not I may rearrange the times so that they best suit the Club Penguin community. I can’t wait to hear what you think! 

Waddle On!

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