Blogtober #23: Memories Made

Hello, everyone!

I’m finding it so hard to describe how…amazing yesterday was! Literally, I am lost for words. All I can say is that the birthday bash went so well and I was thrilled to see so many of you turn up! What made it even more special, was the fact that my party was running alongside the Spanish Club Penguin Reunion. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of this until 01earlier yesterday but I went ahead with the party and this happened…

I waddled over to the Snow Forts and a couple of penguins were there. Frother1. Waddlemcgogo. Bravew. Bill 15 2 79. Alexie482. I was so happy to see some familiar faces. A few of them mentioned the Club Penguin Reunion; it made me even more worried about the party. Besides that, we went trick-or-treating for a bit and it was actually a lot of fun. Along the way, I bumped into Blueicegram, Laval 126 and Pompom49450. After a while, we all headed up Ski Hill to do some sled racing.

Funnily enough, I started flying – again! I wasn’t even on my magic toboggan. I think some weird tricks are going on at Ski02 Hill…

The sled race went great even though I was traumatised by my flight experience. After we finished one round, more people started to turn up. One penguin suggested that we go to the Lighthouse to see – yet – another premiere of ‘Night of the Living Sled’. Surprisingly, it never disappoints no matter how many times you watch it. I can remember, now, how thrilled I was. All the penguins around me were shaken with fear and 03munching away on their popcorn, served especially by Flip Flap15.

Throughout the screening, more and more penguins turned up. We then decided to visit some igloos. We started off at Blue’s igloo because she made a special igloo for me to
celebrate my birthday. How sweet is that? It looked amazing! There were so many gifts there and so many smiles. We discussed how important friendship is and came to a conclusion that it is one of the best gifts you can get. At this party, it was the best gift! Penguins such as Madzom8ie, Austria, 04Djspinner13 and Chilly573 joined in with the fun. The party was growing and I was shocked! I wasn’t expecting these many people at all. I was happy when there were only 5 penguins at the party but I was shocked to see how much more waddled in!

Now it was time to visit more igloos and there was such a big list. Lots of penguins were volunteering and I had to choose one at a time. Luckily, a lot of them were so patient and considerate which made the party a lot more enjoyable. Scotland arrived alongside Little Oran, Abbygrace2 and Tripplem! The rate of 05igloo visits started to, gradually, increase. I could tell that this party was going to be so exhausting!

Then, Jillibean7, Rosytilly and Gabriel7373 popped along! We were at Trip’s amazing pumpkin igloo and I was satisfied by how many penguins were here. We all lined up at the front and smiled; it looked amazing! I started to feel a lot better than I did before. All of my nerves were drifting away since I was getting more and more into the party. 07

Igloo by igloo, the party vibes were rising. We all managed to participate in this quality group photo at Rosy’s igloo. It was like a sunshine paradise; there were water and deck

chairs everywhere for us to chill with. We all smiled and made many memories together. Meanwhile, Daniel602, Dj Potatoes and Rocky10112 arrived! Dj Potatoes started to drown at one 08point so we all tried to save him. I even got to peel him and hug him. Have you ever done that to a talking potato?

Time started to go by so fast because we were obviously having fun. We ended up visiting more and more igloos for most of the party. I hate to say this, but there was some bullying involved and it did ruin the happy vibes for a couple of penguins. I am sorry that this happened but everyone acted sensibly and we all supported each other all the way through. As this happened, I was becoming more and more exhausted. Other penguins started to arrive and I was even more thrilled! Basically, my party was becoming a hit! This was my first ever party to be this popular and I am so happy to know how much support everyone provides to its community peers. This is, literally, the best community ever!

However, it wasn’t just the popularity – it was the thought. The fact that many penguins gave up their time to spend time with me despite the fact that a mega Club Penguin Reunion was taking place at the same time. It makes me feels so happy and I am appreciative of every penguin who cared about my party. It was because of this, I call this party a huge success! I couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Towards the end of the party, I asked everyone to meet at the Snow Forts. It was about time that I conclude the party since it had been going on for almost two hours. I couldn’t 09even believe the time when I saw it! That didn’t matter at all because I made so many memories last night. I was frightened to say goodbye to everyone since I wanted to be there, with them, forever. However, the party had to end sometime soon so I said my goodbyes and hugged all of the remaining penguins. This party meant so much to me. All of your kind, wonderful and heartful wishes made me so emotional. It made me realise how magical the Club Penguin community is. Even – just – the community can make memories without the help of the team. And that is a sign of how dedicated we are!

After I waddled on home, I was (somewhat) relieved and tired. I immediately hopped onto my computer and posted as many photos as I could. I was receiving lots of positive feedback and messages! It was truly awesome…

As soon as I got into bed, I immediately fell asleep. The party drained all of my energy but, luckily, it didn’t set on fire. The fire extinguisher was not even needed. I spent a lot of time yesterday planning a heist so that I could obtain it. Now I need to plan on – stealthily – returning  it.

Before I even start to do that, I want to tell you about the next few days ahead. Tonight, I am planning on spending a quiet evening in with my puffles; I may order some pizza! However, tomorrow is going to be a whole new adventure. The 11th Anniversary of Club Penguin is tomorrow so I am going to attend the Club Penguin Reunion, where I will meet a lot of you again. This party is going to be BIG so I am going to make sure that I take some photos and maybe even film it. Who knows?

After Club Penguin Reunion, the parties would have all been accomplished which leaves 6 days left of Blogtober. So, what do I have planned?

 I am planning on making each day count by asking some of you to join me online so that we can socialise together. On the last day of Blogtober, it is – obviously – Halloween so I will be concluding the  month with an epic Halloween party! I am still looking into what parties are available to attend but I will feedback to you soon.

Actually, it is about time that I return this fire extinguisher before any trouble arises. If anyone asks, I’ll just say that there was an emergency…

…And that emergency was to make some memories, with you lot, for my special Birthday Bash. And guess what?

Mission accomplished!




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