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I know a lot of Club Penguin blogs which I think are awesome. So I want to share them all with you!

Club Penguin Blog

You cannot get more official when you are up against the actual Club Penguin blog. The Club Penguin blog is usually referred to as the “What’s New” page and it includes a variety of different posts. Megg is the main author who posts, often weekly, updates. From time to time, we get debuts of some other moderators which can be a surprise! Megg helps us out by keeping us aware of the latest news on the monthly parties and she even gives us some tips and secret teases which can be fun to read. Megg even has her own meet-ups every Monday so that she can hang out with the community! She is well-dedicated and even responds, along with other Club Penguin staff, to our comments. I love reading every single one of her wacky responses. She is an extremely fun manager once you get to know her through this blog!

Club Penguin Captain

When I read this blog, I was intrigued by the diversity of it! Captain J153 creates these cool and interesting posts called ‘Iconic Style’ and ‘Feature Suggestions’ which makes it a blog that cares a lot about the views of people in the Club Penguin community. It is only a new blog which I see a lot of potential in so please give it a read when you get the time. Trust me – it’s not the average Club Penguin blog.

Club Penguin Memories

This blog is owned by Trainman1405 and I think his blog his very good! He owns several other websites like ‘Club Penguin Bugs’ and Trainman also reviews book too. If you read his blog, you know that he is a very popular penguin in the community because of his hard work he puts into his websites. Trainman has been blogging about Club Penguin for many years so he definitely deserves a lot of recognition for his long legacy as a legendary blogger.

Club Penguin Mountains

What I love about this website is that it shares a range of different topics that are all interesting and unique. Torres is amazing at writing and the way he conducts his posts is very professional indeed. Club Penguin Mountains has recently reached over 20,000 views; an amazing achievement! I have always loved Torres’ unique point of view with his posts and although not everyone may enjoy reading his scepticism (on the odd occasion) I find Torres a strong-minded penguin who deserves more support for his awesome posts.

Club Penguin Saady123 

This blog is really interesting! Saady123 provides us with all of the latest Club Penguin updates and even includes awesome tips to improve your Club Penguin experience. I also like that there is a feature called “Item of the Week” which are intriguing posts that take an insight into Club Penguin items you may own.  Saady is an awesome dude who has supported my blog a lot so the least I can do is give him, and his blog, a shout out!

Club Penguin Seasons

Thankful owns a blog which explores a range of topics. Being a person who has had over 10 years of experience with Club Penguin, Thankful can reminisce Club Penguin history and I find it very interesting to hear what the game is like from a penguin this old. I also praise how unique his blog is so I definitely think that more people need to visit it. The posts are well-written, lengthy and of high quality so I am sure that Thankful would appreciate it if you took a look. I would too!

Club Penguin Space

This Blog is out of this world! Well, I think it has a lot of awesome features. Plus, Riyita is always on the ball to deliver some fantastic content for our viewing. Club Penguin Space is one of the most successful Club Penguin blogs I have seen. Riyita has always updated this blog without fail and it seems to be just the beginning! There are so many blog topics that are all unique and I always check his blog daily to get involved with what he has to offer. I highly recommend that you go and check his blog out!

Greengirl816 In Club Penguin 

Greengirl816’s blog is very effective in design and her posts were very frequent! I loved her humour and her personal toppings added to every single post she made. There was always a giggle hidden within every one of them and this kept me intrigued for more posts until she decided to stop blogging about Club Penguin for a while. This eventually turned into a big hiatus which is still going on, currently. Now and then, she is back with another post and she still views my blog too. I do not think she will stay around for too long anymore which is a real shame. I hope she is doing well in everything she is up to!


Lee is a very good Club Penguin YouTuber who now has his own blog where he posts his thoughts on Club Penguin Island. After reading a couple of them, I feel that Lee is able to make his posts interesting and it is great to see how opinionated his posts can be. It makes his blog original and it is there for a good read if you need to hear another person’s view on Club Penguin Island. Go and check it out!

LegoPuffle Cheats

This blog supports Lego Club Penguin Product Ideas and I also started my Club Penguin blogging career on their website too. They have an awesome and motivational team which keeps the website updated with everyday content for you to enjoy!

Metal’s Blog 

Metal Sonic’s blog is actually really interesting. It mainly revolves around games and includes articles on Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon Go. Although, Metal Sonic is now an ex-Club Penguin player, he is doing a great job continuing his blog. Alongside this blog, Metal Sonic also does podcasts. Interestingly, he is one of the very few, in the Club Penguin community, who actually do this and he is doing well seeing that he has already finished his first season! I think avid gamers need to visit his blog more and his podcasts because they deserve more recognition.

Nico’s CP World 

Nico is doing a fine job on his website as he has been able to attract more than 1,000 views within his first five days of blogging! That surely is an achievement. Nico covers the best of Club Penguin news and he does it so well. He is a friendly person who you also need to meet. Getting to know him has made me realise how talented he is at being social with the community and his blog is a vessel of that aspect.


Dj Stores owns this unique website which is so much different to everyone else’s blog in the Club Penguin community. Inspired by BuzzFeed, DJ produces daily content that is always very funny and amusing to read. They are like Club Penguin comics but created by Dj himself, with the help of BaconCP too. I love how lots of pictures are used to create memes and funny scenarios; it is a very creative way to blog. Once, I helped DJ out with one of his “episodes” of the “History Hunters” and it was a lot of fun to be a part of. PengFeed is the place to go if you want to have a good laugh!

Ping The Penguin

Pingping4069 is an extremely creative penguin. Her art is like no other and her stories never disappoint. You can view her amazing creativity on her Deviant Art page. Ping has also been a great blogger in the past but her true enthusiasm shines when she draws and innovates. I highly recommend that you check her art out since it sure is deviant!

Pirate CP Cheats 

Ryanec1 impressed me with his efforts on his blog. It was his ‘Landmarks’ page that appealed to me so I think it deserved a mention on this Blog. I can tell by the enthusiasm in his design and wording that Ryanec1 has worked really hard to produce this Blog. Please check it out when you can!

Saraapril in Club Penguin

Saraapril’s blog was a bit different from other Club Penguin blogs. She made posts about the latest news on Club Penguin. Plus, she made a bunch of creative stories and games that kept you engaged all the time. Saraapril is inspiring; she is my role model who I look up to all the time for fun ideas. Unfortunately, Saraapril retired from Club Penguin blogging on May 1st, 2016. I will keep her on my blogroll because she shall be remembered as one of the legends!

Sms8 Custom Cut-Outs 

Sms8 is a great friend of mine so he truly deserves a spot on here! While it lasted, his Graphics Shop was a hit and being the talented penguin he is, Sms8 always did his job and made lots of penguins happy. When The Blue Blog was originally hosted on Blogger, Sms8 was a supportive reader who helped out a lot as well. He really is an amazing guy who I can’t thank enough for what he has done for me!

The CP Glitch

The CP Glitch is a decent Blog where you can find the latest Club Penguin news, cheats, glitches, codes, giveaways and more! I was – momentarily – an author on there to help out with the team but ever since I have become independent, all I can do is continue to support them by reading their great posts. 


This website is fantastic, visually and physically. There is an amazing team that works together to make this website unique. I love their posts and their exclusives and their effort when they host their annual Penguin Talent Awards in the summer. In fact, I was nominated for the “Best Blog” award in summer 2016 and I came in 3rd place. Now that is an achievement! I look forward to more events like these in the future. 

What I really like about this blog is the design; it looks very professional and it is very easy to navigate through it. Tomision1 is a very hard-working blogger who is always keen on posting the latest Club Penguin updates for our viewing. I recommend that you visit this blog more often if you want a concise summary of what has been happening in the Club Penguin community. I also admire his really cool header!

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  1. Monchocho’s blog is now down. The same for Polo Field’s. Also, can my blog please be part of the blogroll? It is!!! Thanks,
    Ryanec1 from

  2. Hey Ryanec1! Your Blog looks great! I especially liked you landmarks page since it is different and that is what I appreciate on Blogs. Well done! I am adding you to my Blogroll!

    P.S. Thanks for reminding me that Monchocho and Polo Field’s Blogs are down. 🙂

    • Of course! I saw your website yesterday and it looks really cool. Thanks for supporting this blog by using one of my banners. I also added your banner to my sidebar! I will add you to my blogroll as soon as possible.

      Thank you for tuning into The Blue Blog! 🙂

      • No problem, Blue! I enjoy reading your website and I have also seen that you have used one of my banners. Thanks! I hope to be reading some of your new posts!

  3. Thanks for adding my blog, Captain Blue! <—If you don't know who this is, he's from Viewtiful Joe. You didn't have to add it, and because you added it anyway, I am really thankful. Thank you so much.

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