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The Blue Blog – formerly known as Blue’s Blog – was established on the 20th May 2014. The owner of The Blue Blog is Blue21102: a friendly penguin who has always been passionate about Club Penguin blogging ever since he was inspired to create this one. 
On May 17th 2014, Blue21102 joined the immersive Club Penguin Twitter community in order to achieve his aspirations of being a Club Penguin blogger. Inspired by numerous other Club Penguin blogs, Blue21102 began his journey as an amateur author who was willing to be hired by other blogs. Luckily, on his first day, Blue21102 was recruited to join LegoPuffleCP Cheats where he worked with a large team of penguins who strived to produce daily stories, regarding the latest Club Penguin news. For one month, Blue21102 maintained his role as an author whilst managing his new, independent blog: ‘Blue’s Blog’. Struggling with the commitment and the constant post requests, Blue21102 resigned from LegoPuffleCP Cheats in mid June 2014 and, from then on, focused all of his effort on his own blog.
Ever since, The Blue Blog has grown to become a professional Club Penguin blog with a distinctive vision: being “The Unique One”. For over two years now, The Blue Blog has offered a variety of entertaining posts and a wide collection of topics which is currently expanding. Catalysing the journey of The Blue Blog, support banners and community advertisements have been issued out for more recognition.
 The Blue Blog will remain as an independent blog with one author only and that is Blue21102. Furthermore, there are no plans – currently – for The Blue Blog to become a personal/premium domain due to the blog’s absence of a systematical schedule. Therefore, The Blue Blog will remain as a free domain authorized by WordPress.
Thank you for being a part of this special journey; the viewers are the ones who fuel the success within The Blue Blog. We appreciate your continuous support!

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-The Blue Blog


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