Why Hot Sauce?

Hello, everyone!

While playing Club Penguin Island, I always notice that many contraptions have a bottle of hot sauce next to them. The reason for this is due to the fact that hot sauce is the primary source of power across the island. Okay, that may sound a little bit weird – because it is! Have you seen the hot sauce too? It’s pretty hard not to, especially when they shimmer.

In the examples above, you can see that the hot sauce supplies power to the Welcome Hut, the Stage, and the Collectibles Booth. Club Penguin is a wacky island – what else would you expect? However, I think that there is some reasoning behind this. Hot sauce is not only good on pizza, but it turns out that it can power a whole island. It must be quite cheap and useful if you think about it! Plus, it is very accessible. Therefore, it seems that this energy source is a lot more valuable than we think.

Every time I come across something like this, I always have to think behind the scenes. Doing so enabled me to come up with some sort of prediction of the future. If you played Club Penguin on the web, you may (or may not) remember a certain polar bear, named Herbert P. Bear, Esquire. He is one interesting character! Herbert always dreamed of transforming Club Penguin into a summer paradise. Why? Long story short, Herbert hated the freezing cold and came across Club Penguin. Every now and then, there was an attack of some sort. Some of these attacks were huge; Operation: Blackout, for example. During Operation: Blackout, Herbert invented a terrifying machine that drained all of the sunlight into one confined space, leaving everyone to freeze around him.

Where am I going with this?

You see, Herbert was able to secretly set up these massive abominations without any attention drawn to him. Luckily, the EPF was able to foil each one of his operations. Anyway, Herbert must have been very skilful to be able to do this. But was it him?

Or was it hot sauce?

If you look at these images above, you will see that hot sauce is present in both of them. The image on the left is from Operation: Puffle and the right one is from Operation: Hot Sauce (it’s even in the name!). Operation: Hot Sauce took place a few months after Operation: Blackout. The story behind this operation was that there was vandalism at the Pizza Parlor; all of the hot sauce was stolen! EPF agents had to track down the culprit and they were lead to an underwater lair. And in that lair was a polar bear!

Ever since this operation, hot sauce became a wingman for Herbert. That is why agents saw the return of this hot sauce later that year, during Operation: Puffle. Ever since Herbert discovered the power of hot sauce, it made him appear as a powerful polar bear. But as soon as the hot sauce was taken away, Herbert had nothing but a nervous crab. Acknowledging this, I assume that the EPF – perhaps – underestimated the power of hot sauce. Now, Club Penguin Island is full of it!

Basically, I think that the intention of using hot sauce in Club Penguin Island was to show herbertttttttttttttttttttreturning players that the new game is not entirely new. It may be a new island, but the facts remain as true as they were and I think this is a good sign that mysteries will be continued on this new island. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the return of Herbert some day in the future. He seems to like hot sauce very much so this island could be the paradise he has been dreaming of.

That’s not all I wanted to talk about. Earlier, I mentioned how the hot sauce shimmers now and then. When this happens, we know what is interactive on the island. For example, the musical instruments, on the stage, shimmer. So do the wooden swords on The Migrator. Each of these items can be picked up, so I have a feeling that the hot sauce will have some kind of purpose through an adventure. It could possibly attract a lot of unneeded attention in the future, due to how effective it is. Let’s not forget that it is also a vital element that contributes to the legend of Card-Jitsu!

I hope you all enjoyed this first Island Insight. Let me know what your thoughts are on hot sauce. If you have any theories about hot sauce, feel free to comment them down below! Thank you for reading.

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Club Penguin: My Top 10 Memories

Hello, everyone!

I was suggested, by Riyita, to make a post that highlights my, personal, top 10 most memorable moments on Club Penguin. I don’t think that I have ever made a post like this so I think making this post is ideal!

If you didn’t know already, I joined Club Penguin in September 2008 which is almost 8 years ago from today. Therefore, every memory I post occurred ever since then. Also, I will be working through this top ten in chronological order. All of my most memorable moments are as memorable as each other so I found it difficult to rank them all. Anyway, let’s begin the top 10!

10. My First Day

How can I ever forget my first day in Club Penguin? It was too exciting to forget! I remember logging on for the first time to find myself lost in the Town. There were so many people online and I am not exaggerating. It took about half a minute before I could locate where I was in the room which overwhelmed me a lot. I knew that Club Penguin was a popular game because I was influenced by many people around me. Club Penguin was a trending game when I was younger and I only felt that it was right to create an account so that I can explore a snowy island of wonder. I remember spamming the friend button so that I could get as many friends as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t screenshot at all when I was a young Club Penguin player, so all I can use is this image. It reflects the popularity of Club Penguin when I first joined in 2008.

Crowded Old Town

9. Earning my Black Belt

Now I skip forward to February 2009. It was around this time when I discovered the Dojo and the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. I think I took a small hiatus before then which explains why I was surprised to see the Dojo on the map. All I can say about this memory is that I was so determined. When I played Card-Jitsu with some fellow members of the community, I became instantly addicted and I remember logging back onto Club Penguin more than once a day, every day, every week in order to claim the “legendary” black belt. At the time, it was so treasured because if you had the black belt, you had the power. Can you remember all of the frustrating times when you were a wannabe ninja who always used to challenge Sensei in hope of a win? Only the black belt granted you that win; that being the ninja mask.  Continue reading

Island Discussion #25: Herbert’s Redemption

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to this week’s Island Discussion. Last week I hooked you through a very ancient tale of a dragon named Scorn. I hope you found it interesting. Conversely, this week, I will be talking about the future! Well, a possible future is the best way to describe it as I do not know for sure what the future holds for us. It has especially been very cloudy lately as a result from rumours of Project: Super Secret in the works. Anyway, it is time to revisit one of Club Penguin’s famous (and huggable) villains… Herbert P. Bear!

Speaking of a cloudy future, we know for sure that Herbert is on the loose after he luckily escaped the hands of the EPF back in November. If you do not know already, Herbert stole the power source from the UFO which has caused it to malfunction and therefore it cannot operate properly. Because of this, the EPF have kindly allowed this UFO to stay docked on Club Penguin until they are able to find a new power source to operate the UFO once again. Gary came up with the idea of going back in time to collect power fragments of old meteors that hit the island during the prehistoric times. So for the third time, the EPF used the Time Trekker 3000 so that everyone can travel back in time to obtain as many power fragments as possible. Gary’s solution? Ducktape. And lots of it.

The Prehistoric Party is still continuing currently so we are not finished yet. In a week (4th February) the aliens are scheduled to depart from the island after their long stay. By then, all of the power fragments would have been taped together to construct an alternate energy source for the UFO. So expect the cute little aliens to leave very soon. Then I guess that concludes Operation: Crustacean. Or does it?

If you were present when Operation: Crustacean hit the island, you may would have remembered the aim of the operation to start with. The EPF were actually assigned to rescue Klutzy from the alien abductions, hence the name of the operation. However we soon found that Herbert was up to mischief all along once he stole the power supply and escaped via the escape pod. The question is, was this planned? Was this a trick? One thing is for sure, though: Herbert is using that power source for something. But what?

We have not, yet, reached the conclusion of this operation. Even though we have managed to save the alien puffles, two of the EPF’s suspects at large are on the loose with a very powerful source that can be used for something very villainous. Whilst we have been helping the alien puffles, Herbert and Klutzy may have been working on something worrying and the EPF have not been able to locate them both. It is definitely concerning. I think that this was all planned since it just happens to be convenient for Herbert. Without the UFO, the EPF would have been able to stop Herbert and Klutzy as soon as they attempted their escape, but this time, we failed. It may be time to prepare for something frightening very soon…

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Island Discussion #23: Foreshadows

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this week’s Island Discussion. The discussion continues as we move on further with the Elite Penguin Force Handbook. After covering, in detail, lots of codes and discovering who this new recruit could be, it is now time to jump in a little deeper as we uncover secrets within the Elite Penguin Force Handbook. There are several secrets hidden and they all seem interesting. Let’s get to it!

A couple of pages in, on the Director’s profile page, there is a secret hidden. If you click on the exclamation mark – embedded within the EPF logo – it will come up with a fact. Throughout the whole handbook are hidden facts and rumours and the first one reads “In 2010, a popcorn explosion put the PSA HQ out of commission.” If you are an old member of the community, then you will remember this tragic event that occurred. This led to the development of the EPF and the Everyday Phoning Facility. This replaced the Sport Shop and the HQ however the EPF is much more advanced than the PSA so this was an advantage in the island’s secret agency history.

On Gary the Gadget Guy’s page, there is another secret hidden! Just hover his name, ‘G’, and it will turn red. Click and then a rumour will pop up onto the page. This one is interesting. It reads “An invention may allow Skip, the evil bellhop, to reappear.” It looks like that we may have to encounter once of our latest villains again. Even though this is just a rumour, it seems likely for it to happen. This is because Gary has a long, long history in which has been known by many people that once he begins an invention, it will end up malfunctioning – therefore putting the island, once again, at risk. It has happened to Ultimate Protobot 10,000, the Test Botsa and the Mascbots. Other invention failures were not that extreme enough to put our lives at risk however they are just as significant as the rest of them. No offence Gary but you need to work on your skills! Anyway, what could this invention be? Maybe it is designed to convert ghosts into life forms. This would make sense since Gary may be attempting to bring his ancestors back to life. Otherwise, the invention could be tampered by the villains so that Skip can join forces with them. The possibilities of this mystery are endless. Until I can find some plausible evidence to relate to this rumour, I think that all we can do now is guess.

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Sharing Creativity

Hey everyone!

Today I have a Waddle Guide for you to read and I think it is an interesting topic which will, hopefully, inspire you to open your minds more. One of the best things about the Club Penguin team is that it allows such creativity to be noticed and showcased. For example, they offer everyone in the community to submit fan art for monthly ‘Featured Fan Art’ videos. There is also the legendary Club Penguin Times Newspaper which encourages talented penguins from around the community to submit in their own jokes, fan art and a question for Aunt Arctic. I find that the Club Penguin Times is another way to help people get involved and this is yet another method from the team. What does this tell us? It tells us that Club Penguin care about it’s community and try to find many way to value everyone the best they can.

Let’s think about more examples. There is the Penguin of the Week award that is given to one lucky penguin who was nominated by one or more of their friends. I think this one is special since it shows everyone how valuable friendship is and helps the community to appreciate things more such as helpful penguins who do something special in aid of someone else. Another example includes recognition for Club Penguin Blogs. I do believe that the team check out as many Blog as they can to receive feedback and to take in any notes on anything we blog about. This helps to motivate people (like me) to blog more to you and to still keep on producing posts that are fun.

If we think more about in-game, some great hobbies to help share your creativity would be music making with SoundStudio and Igloo Designing. SoundStudio is an amazing game that helps you make music by using sampled tracks that are pre-made. However the combinations can be different every time because you can do a lot with SoundStudio. After you finish recording some music that you are proud of, people can like it which shows peer support online. Everyone loves visiting the Dance Club – thanks to SoundStudio – because there are some awesome tunes out there for people to hear and dance to. I recommend using SoundStudio more often if you love music!

Igloo Designing was covered in my last Waddle Guide however I think it is worth stating again that igloos are there for personality and creativity. Igloos show visitors what your penguin is like and your igloo is your own piece of land on Club Penguin where you can go wild and create anything you like. Again, you can gain likes from igloo decorating which is something great to be more aware of as it makes you feel proud and more recognised in such a BIG community.

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