Blogtober #4: I Made History

Hello, everyone!

Today, I thought that it would be nice to treat myself (for once). After being refused to work at the Club Penguin Times Office (don’t ask why), I knew I had nothing useful to do. Seeing as it is Halloween on Club Penguin, I wanted to get into the spooky spirit. By doing this, I needed some inspiration and I knew what to do to achieve this.

Excitedly, I waddled down to the Beach and was lucky to hear that there were several more screenings of ‘Night Of The Living Sled’. If you haven’t watched it (for some reason), I4.1.png strongly advise you that you do because it is the perfect movie. It’s got a bit of scare. It’s got a bit of humour. And it’s got a bit of action. So I entered the Lighthouse and headed straight to the Popcorn Counter. My stomach was aching for food so I asked for some Popcorn. The kind penguin at the counter gave me the popcorn and I happily sat down to watch the film. For some reason, I was ecstatic to see this movie again even though I have seen it so many times. I’m kinda surprised they play the same movie every year but it never gets on my nerves. Except, I have always wanted to see some CG movies; ones with actual sound!

Anyway, the movie went great but by the time it had finished, I was the only one there in the lobby. I can’t seem to understand why people get so scared of it. All it is is a sled. Not a monstrous creature. Sleds are good friends to penguins. We are compatible, although I do wonder if they feel pain when we slide on them down Ski Hill. The thing that really 4.2.pnginspired me about this movie was how the sled became independent and slid down the hill by itself. It was quite emotional to watch but it got me thinking – do sleds actually hate penguins? I spent about 20 minutes discussing it with myself before I was forced out the lobby.

Watching the movie changed the way I feel about sleds. So I got the perfect idea to do for the rest of my day. You are gonna love this… I wanted to dress up as a sled and appeal about their rights. This way, I may be more appreciated by the sleds although some penguins will be weirded out – no doubt there!

So where was a better place to start my appeal than on Ski Hill: Home of the Living Sleds? I thought it would be cool to sit there and let them know the truth – that sleds do have feelings! I think that I made my point very clear. But I’m unsure if the message got across to everyone. A couple of times, penguins actually used me as a sled and was lucky that they didn’t hit any rocks. It made me think even more how terrible sleds must feel when they hit into rocks and trip over logs. The pain is unimaginable. Some other penguins nudged4.3.png past me and knocked me to the ground. In a costume like that, it was very difficult to get back up again so I spent most of my day lying on my back. Funnily enough, it was such a spiritual experience. For once I felt like a sled. I finally knew what it was truly like to be a sled. It was dull. It was lonely and cold. All of these words led to a change of opinion. I concluded that sleds do like penguins but I was still confused by the sled in the movie. Why did it want revenge?

You will be relieved to hear that I managed to get back up again. I headed straight to the University to do some equations. I didn’t want this question to slip out of my mind so I dedicated more hours into my research and philosophical thinking. Lots more questions started to orbit my brain: What is a sled? Why did a scientist bring it to life? Why did I forget to wash this morning? Why did 4.4.pngHalloween start so early this year? How do sleds think? Eventually, everything seemed to add up! I finally had the answer.

It turns out that Jewel has been using my hair gel as well as my shampoo and shower gel; that’s why I didn’t wash this morning! Halloween started so early this year because of Club Penguin logic!

But the most important answer I got from today involved the psychology revolving around a sled. For years, so many penguins have persevered to find out the true answer and it was today, on October 4th, 2016, when I found out the answer to everything. Are you ready for this?

The movie was fiction! The sled’s not real! Who knew?




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