Club Penguin: My Top 10 Memories

Hello, everyone!

I was suggested, by Riyita, to make a post that highlights my, personal, top 10 most memorable moments on Club Penguin. I don’t think that I have ever made a post like this so I think making this post is ideal!

If you didn’t know already, I joined Club Penguin in September 2008 which is almost 8 years ago from today. Therefore, every memory I post occurred ever since then. Also, I will be working through this top ten in chronological order. All of my most memorable moments are as memorable as each other so I found it difficult to rank them all. Anyway, let’s begin the top 10!

10. My First Day

How can I ever forget my first day in Club Penguin? It was too exciting to forget! I remember logging on for the first time to find myself lost in the Town. There were so many people online and I am not exaggerating. It took about half a minute before I could locate where I was in the room which overwhelmed me a lot. I knew that Club Penguin was a popular game because I was influenced by many people around me. Club Penguin was a trending game when I was younger and I only felt that it was right to create an account so that I can explore a snowy island of wonder. I remember spamming the friend button so that I could get as many friends as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t screenshot at all when I was a young Club Penguin player, so all I can use is this image. It reflects the popularity of Club Penguin when I first joined in 2008.

Crowded Old Town

9. Earning my Black Belt

Now I skip forward to February 2009. It was around this time when I discovered the Dojo and the ancient art of Card-Jitsu. I think I took a small hiatus before then which explains why I was surprised to see the Dojo on the map. All I can say about this memory is that I was so determined. When I played Card-Jitsu with some fellow members of the community, I became instantly addicted and I remember logging back onto Club Penguin more than once a day, every day, every week in order to claim the “legendary” black belt. At the time, it was so treasured because if you had the black belt, you had the power. Can you remember all of the frustrating times when you were a wannabe ninja who always used to challenge Sensei in hope of a win? Only the black belt granted you that win; that being the ninja mask. 

The ninja mask would allow you to access the Ninja Hideout! To be part of something exclusive made me feel special which is why I loved the Ninja Hideout. I am so sad that Club Penguin demolished it a couple of years ago but I am glad to have ever set foot in there. All of this Club Penguin hype lead me to a moment I have never regretted until this day. I purchased a membership and became a full-on Club Penguin supporter. Club Penguin became a huge part of my life and it still does 8 years later. That is some real magic right there!

Ninja Hideout Old.png

8. Going Medieval

This memory is so significant! The Medieval Party 2009 was one of my favourite parties I have ever been to. In fact, all of the Medieval Parties are so good but this was my first experience of one of them. I spawned at the Ski Village and I was thrilled by the tremendous amount of medieval attire on every penguin in the room. There were wizards, knights, squires and damsels emerged in an environment of true Medieval quality. The castle at Ski Hill was magnificent as well as the Palace at the Ski Lodge. I wandered around to every room I could as it was truly amazing. Club Penguin were excellent at decorating rooms which encouraged so much role play. Everywhere I went, there were all types of colliding characters interacting with each other; I would join in as a hero and – sometimes – a dastardly villain.

Ye Knight’s Quest was one of the best features since it involved puzzling rooms. Being a knight actually felt rewarding when you got to the end of the chamber and showed off your new armour. There is too much to go over but I am sure you can understand how impressed I was by this party. I am so glad that Club Penguin kept this party annual for a few years after since they only became better, and better.

Medieval Party 2009 Ski Village.png

7. Celebrating the Fourth Year

The first Club Penguin Anniversary Party I attended was its fourth one. I felt that this needed to be a memory on this list because it made me realise how special the game was. When I waddled into the Coffee Shop in October 2009, I was surprised to see the number 4 on this massive (delicious looking) cake in the corner of the room. I never knew that it had been 4 years since Club Penguin became an MMRPOG. I was only aware of how popular it was when I first joined which made me think that it was a new rising star. I flicked through the yearbook and smiled at all of the parties that were celebrated that year. The yearbook is an amazing feature. Now, every time there is a new anniversary party, I get excited for the next year. Club Penguin was only the beginning; I could only feel it.

4th Anniversary Party Coffee Shop.png

6. Penguin Secret Agency

In 2010, I was obsessed with the PSA. I thought that being one of the island’s top agents was so exciting. I was blown away by what the team did with the PSA. After buying the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS game at Easter 2009, I was intrigued but it took me about a year to realise how amazing the PSA was. The Headquarters was a popular room full of screens that grant you access to every room on the island. There was also the secluded Command Room behind the closet. You could only have unlocked this if you had the DS game. The Command Room was associated with the EPF; little did we know how important this squad became a year later!

The best thing about the PSA were the missions. All ten of them were immensely creative. I could tell that so much hard work was put into them since they all provided challenging quests which involve agent skills to help you progress through them. My favourite PSA Mission has to be the Mysterious Tremors. This mission was one of the hardest for me but that made it so much more exciting. Getting to know Herbert and Klutzy more was fascinating and it kept me on edge all year waiting for that eleventh mission to turn up. Remember when the seeds were dropped by Herbert in Waddle Squad? That was the spark of the rise of the EPF…

In May 2010, we saw the end to the Sports Shop and the PSA. It was a shocking time but the story was at its peak. All of the rumours about the EPF were buzzing around the island and – eventually – we saw the Everyday Phoning Facility and the EPF Command Room under it. It is so fun to be an agent!

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Box Art.png

5. A Music Jam to Remember

In 2011, the Music Jam was at its best. The Penguin Band got a great makeover! The Music Jam was pretty much the same as it was in previous years but this one inspired me to make my own band! My sister and I made a band called ‘The Star Gazers’ and we would log on all the time to jam out on the different stages. I was obsessed with the Penguin Band as well! I recall writing lots of songs, stories and draw a lot of pictures that revolved around the Music Jam and other parties. I have always loved music so this party has always been one of my favourites.

I remember how stunning it was to see the Penguin Band appear at the Iceberg every 30 minutes. Seeing their sprites jam along to their single ‘Better Days’ was so cool because it felt like I was at a concert. Penguins around me (including myself) used to scream “The Penguin Band”, “I LOVE YOU” and “ROCK ON!” to add to the spirit. At the time, I was a kid with an exaggerated imagination so I loved times like these. Even though they weren’t actually there, I used to try and search for the mascots of Cadence and the Penguin Band all the time. Unluckily, I never met the Penguin Band until 2012 but I did meet Cadence for the first time – out of luck! I was casually at the Rooftop, dancing away until Cadence popped into the room and surprised me so much! There were only 5 penguins in the room which made it so much more special!

Music Jam 2011 Iceberg Penguin Band.png

4. When Everything Went Dark

In November 2012, Club Penguin was doomed. Gary went missing and the whole island was going to freeze to death. Herbert had taken over pretty much everything and it was up to the EPF to fix it all before it got worse. Operation: Blackout was everything I wanted in a party. The story was amazing! The visuals were absolutely stunning! The party was saturated with content! The hype was unbelievable! This was the apex of Club Penguin! Everything you did in the party had a purpose and it worked so well. A party that highlights mere destruction makes us realise how much we don’t want to lose the game and how much we fear Herbert for destroying it. There were different quests that led to the infiltration of Herbert’s base and this involved cooperation with one another to succeed. It was so exciting that I logged into Club Penguin – every day – for many hours. I used to play with my sister at the Resistance base (underground) and we would construct a plan to determine Herbert’s end. So much was going on like the progression of snow in the rooms. Across all of the rooms on the island, a bit of snow would be added every week until it mounted up so badly and caused things to freeze.

There were different quests that led to the infiltration of Herbert’s base and this involved cooperation with one another to succeed. It was so exciting that I logged into Club Penguin – every day – for many hours. I used to play with my sister at the Resistance base (underground) and we would construct a plan to determine Herbert’s end. So much was going on like the progression of snow in the rooms. Across all of the rooms on the island, a bit of snow would be added every week until it mounted up so badly and caused things to freeze. Undoubtedly, this was THE best party ever on Club Penguin! One of the best parts was when we discovered who the Director really was. It was Aunt Arctic! Who knew?

Herbert battle.PNG

3. The Wilderness

Funnily enough, the next memory on the list involves another one of Club Penguin’s greatest parties. Operation: Puffle took place a year after Operation: Blackout and the thing that blew me away was the huge extension added to the island: The Wilderness. I loved how Club Penguin wanted to involve a new perspective in this party and making an operation take place in the wilds was a very good idea. There were – roughly – 9 rooms you could explore and they all functioned with spotlights, EPF gear and a dinghy river. Traversing the wilds was a breath-taking experience for me and to see it at night made it so much better and gave the party a lot more suspense; an appropriate mood. I wouldn’t say that this party beats Operation: Blackout but it was a great “sequel” since the team experimented with different ideas.

My favourite rooms from this party were the Puffle Treehouses and the EPF outpost next to Ski Village. Even the music of the party was thrilling so it, naturally, inspired me to role-play and that is how I made so many fun memories from checking out this party. Seeing the island (as well as the wilderness) in total darkness was so cool and I am hoping that night time will soon return to Club Penguin. Maybe it could work with the upcoming Music Jam!


2. A Decade of Waddling Around and Meeting New Friends

How can I not mention this memory? It was a privilege to see how far Club Penguin has come by exploring the legendary 10th Anniversary Party. I joined in 2008 so I got the chance to live new moments from the past and it was a blast. Almost every room was decorated for this party and everyone one of them had a different style to its neighbouring rooms which brought back lots of nostalgia! I am glad that the team approached this party with a twist, considering that 10 years is quite an achievement! I think that reflecting on older parties and sharing these experiences with newer players was an awesome technique. I enjoyed every day of this party and I appreciate all of the hard work that made it possible. It is almost unbelievable to think that we will soon be celebrating 11 years! A year goes so quickly but this party made the journey seem like a marathon after seeing an evident change in art style between every room. Without a doubt, it was emotional and a perfect way to celebrate the amazing team and its community. It made me realise that Club Penguin is getting old and it is only natural that we will see an end to it soon (on the web, anyway)!

To be specific, my favourite memory from this party was reading the yearbook. If you didn’t know already, it is only traditional for Club Penguin to produce a yearbook at each of its anniversary parties. Each one reflects on the parties and events that were celebrated within that year. This one, however, was a little bit different. This “yearbook” actually recounted all of the memories that we shared since the very birth of Club Penguin in 2005. I smiled at each page and felt happy to know and play a game that has been so vital in my life. These yearbooks sum up how amazing Club Penguin is and it really emphasises how great the community is. It teaches us that we have an impact on the game and that is what is so special about Club Penguin when you compare it to other online chat rooms.


1. The Phone Call

Now, to be honest with you, there haven’t been that many memorable parties since the legendary 10th Anniversary party. I think the Halloween Party was quite successful but since then, the parties starting to lose quality. Of course, I know its all for the greater good because of the exciting future involving Project: Super Secret!

Anyway, besides all of that, this memory occurred a few months ago. You may remember back in May when I was working on something big for my second anniversary of my blogging. I may have seemed a little inactive for a while (back then) but I was secretly working on one of my most successful videos: The Phone Call. This was my first Club Penguin comedy and it was a blast to make. Funnily enough, the budget was low so it was just me and my sister as the cast in the production but it highlights exciting memories every time I watch it. It took a month to record and edit; the experience was tremendously stressful at a lot of times but I was anticipating that since I know quite a lot about making productions. I am quite the enthusiast when it comes to Drama and Films so I was making sure that what I was making was at my best standard. Considering that it was my first “good” video on my YouTube channel, I was impressed with your response even though the graphics and the editing are nothing compared to other YouTubers.

The reason why this – in particular – is a good memory of mine is because I finally stepped forward and felt more immersed into Club Penguin than I have ever felt in a long time. Due to the declining quality in parties, the community has been conditioned to make their own fun which is why I felt that making this video would be necessary. So many people have been doing great things in the community so I thought that I would give it a shot so that I could enjoy Club Penguin again and it really did work. My sister and I were so proud of the result and I feel so much emotion every time I watch The Phone Call and Hermit – especially! Therefore, this memory is quite significant because it highlights a step up in the community. This is just one example of the things we have been creating and the praise you receive from accomplishing more in the community is rewarding. So rewarding that I made an animated short ( Hermit) right after I finished The Phone Call. If you haven’t heard the rumours already, I am also working on a new video right now.

The Phone Call Poster.png

So that was my top 10 most memorable moments in Club Penguin! Thinking about all of them now brings warmness to my heart. Congratulation to you for reading this far because this has been a very long post; I am dreading to hunt down the awful amount of typos that I have littered throughout it. I would love to hear what your favourite memories are and see how they differentiate from mine. Thank you so much for reading!

Waddle On!

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